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Get on the bus !

Watch the video
and answer the quiz !

Can you introduce yourself ?


My name is (name).
I was born on (birthday).
I am (nationality).
I live in (city, country).

Let's have Tea !

Watch and fill in the table !





At the Customs...

Where are
you from ?

your name ?

Imagine that you are arriving in London.
You must go to the Customs and answer
the officer's questions !

What are you going to do in London ?

Where are you
staying at ?

Listen and do
the activities !

Big Ben

London Eye

Listen to the poem
and complete the text !

The London Eye is a ... wheel
All ... and bright and made of steel
It's slowly ... round and round
Offering views of ... above the ground
Famous landmarks and sights dramatic
The nation's ... panoramic
... visitors express sentiment
In ...'s faces wonderment
But all agree it's worth the fee
To ... the wheel, the sights to see

Highlight the rhymes.

What's the French for the underlined words ?

Buckingham Palace

This is the Queen's London home. If you are in London between August and October, you can go inside. You can see the State dining room, ballroom, the Queen's gallery with her paintings.
But you can't see all of the rooms. It is too big !

a) gallery - b) ballroom - c) cinema
d) post office - e) state dining room
f) swimming pool - g) balcony

Read the descriptions and match them to the right place !








In this room, the Queen and her family can watch TV.

This is where the Queen goes swimming.

This room is huge. This room is where the Queen keeps all her paintings.

This is where the Queen and her family stand and wave to the public.

This is where the Queen receives mail and letters.

This room is where the Queen and her guests can dance.

In this room, there is a dining table where 60 people can eat a banquet.


Match the rules with the right sign.

1- No smoking or vaping.
2 - Prams and pushchairs may not be used on the escalators for your child's safety.
3 - You may be requested to show the contents of your bag.
4 - Customers wearing inappropriate attire may be refused the entry.
5 - Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
6 - Large items of luggage must be deposited at left luggage.
7 - No open beverages, the consumption of food and drinks is not permitted.
8 - No dogs except assisance dogs.









Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall
is a concert hall located
in Central London. It was designed by 2 architects, based on the Colosseum in Rome, and opened by Queen Victoria in 1871.
It can seat about 5,400 people. It measures 83 metres across and 41 metres high.

Watch the video and discover the Royal Albert Hall !

Trafalgar Square

Watch the video and find the dates,
the countries and the people involved
in the Battle of Trafalgar !

Who was Admiral Nelson ? Look at the document
and find the adjectives !

The Tube

Please, mind the gap
between the train
and the platform !

Which colours are
the following lines ?

Take Central Line
from Bond Street to Bank.

Take Piccadilly Line
from Covent Garden
to King's Cross St Pancras.


Take District Line
from Blackfriars
to Baker Street.