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Categorization questions require students to place answers in the correct categories while ignoring all distractors. Learn How.

In an Ordering question, students are required to place answers in a specific order. You can add top and bottom labels to the list to help students know in which order they should place their responses. Learn How

In a Matching question, students are required to match answers from a drop-down menu with a list of questions. Learn How

In a Formula question, students need to type in the correct numerical answer. Learn How

You can limit the number of files and the file extensions that can be uploaded by students. Learn How

In an Essay question, students are required to enter a text response. You can also add word count, word limit, spell-check, and Rich Content Editor options for students’ essay responses. Learn How

Numeric questions will accept answers from students that contain numbers, text, and/or symbols. However, instructors can only use numeric entries for accepted answers. Student answers in non-numeric format will not be graded automatically. Learn How

Multiple Answer questions are formatted like Multiple Choice assessment questions, but there are multiple correct answers. Learn How

Hot Spot questions allow teachers to upload images and have their students identify a specific area in that image. Learn How

Fill in the Blank questions can have multiple blank spaces and include various answer types. Learn How