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Genially is a content creation tool that teachers around the world use to create interactive presentations and learning resources. There are hundreds of templates available and educators are able to create stunning presentations, infographics, escape rooms, quizzes, interactive images and more! No programming or design skills required.

Use Genially to create better presentations and learning materials for both, distance learning and the in-person class. Add layers of interactivity and animations to engage your students like never before. Genially also allows you to integrate other applications within your presentation: have your students watch a Youtube video, or visit Google Maps without leaving the slide. There’s also a collaborative mode that allows you to work as a team. Changes are saved automatically in real time.

If you have older materials, you can still use Genially. Import your Power Points and make them interactive! We hope you have enjoyed this post and webinar!

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is the most versatile digital whiteboard on the market. It’s used worldwide by millions of teachers, educators, tutors, kids and students. Whether you need to create a presentation or explainer video, guide or task others, explain any topic or design a project, this one’s for you. You can quickly share the results of your thinking with others or collaborate on a project with a group.

The main reason for using interactive materials is to increase students’ participation and attention. When students participate in an interactive activity, they not only listen or watch the material, but they interact with it and learn better. Many experts in the field of teaching note a significant increase in both the level of motivation and engagement in the classroom, as well as a great boost in creativity. From the teacher’s point of view, interactive materials can easily be adjusted to the needs of students during the course of the class. For example, you can add answers to questions that students ask or extend explanations during the lesson.

Last but not least, in the current global situation, interactive materials are also a very good option during online classes because of how easily they allow us to present various types of materials to maintain more direct contact with students. Thanks to these kinds of materials, everyone can go at their own pace, see it again or expand on those topics that interest them especially.

Interactivity allows our students to have an active role in the learning experience. They have the chance to explore the content and engage with it in an intuitive and immersive way. Just as you would do in real life.

As opposed to traditional teaching materials like powerpoint presentations or PDFs, where all information is flat and presented on the same canvas or page, interactivity allows us to share information in a short and concise way, using layers to add details, and distribute content in a friendly way. Interactivity allows us to connect ideas by linking several pages with just a couple of clicks, or create layers of information that students can explore and interact with. In addition to these layers, we can enrich our lessons with external content like videos from YouTube, audio, virtual itineraries, or photos, among many other things. We are creating an immersive and explorable environment.