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The tour



Roll the dice and play. You have to answer the questions.






To move forward 5 squares, you must say the alphabet in English in 20 seconds.

To move forward three squares, count from 1 to 20 in 10 seconds.

Name five monuments or places in London in 10 seconds.

Go forward three squares !

Move forward 6 squares

Go back 10 squares !

Dance to move forward 3 squares

Make your best funny face to move forward 2 squares.

Sing "Hello Goodbye" and move forward 2 squares.

Where can you find 775 rooms?

Who is Kate Middleton ?

Who can you see at the top of the column in Trafalgar Square?

Where does the Queen live?

Who is it ?

What colour are the squirrels in London ?

What is the globe ?

Give the name of the river in London.

What colour are letter boxes in London?

What is this ceremony ?

Where does the changing of the guard take place ?

Who is this man ?

Find the odd man out ?

What is this ?

Sorry ! You must go back 3 squares !

You want to visit The London Dungeon. Name the tube station where you must stop.

What is this place in Florida ?

What is this place ?

When is Independence Day in the USA ? It's on ___________ 4th.

Say " She sells seashells on the seashore" 5 times very fast.

What is the capital of the USA ?

Sing "God save the Queen".

What is this song ?

Name 5 American States.

Say it in the past: "Millie and Ollie teleport to New York City. They visit the Statue of Liberty and then go to Florida."

Where do go if you want to visit The Empire State Building ?

Name three members of the Royal family.

Who is this woman ?

Who is this man ?

Whose dog is it ?

Watch this video and name five objects you can see in it.

Say this sentence backwards. "No lemon, no melon."

What did you do yesterday ?

Who is this group ?

Who sings this song ?

Where can you see dinosaurs in London ?

You are preparing a trip to London. Say what you would like to visit.

Say all you know about London in English. You have 30 seconds.

Where is Waldo ?

Watch the video and answer these questions: What is the dog's name ? Who can you see in this video ? Where does the scene take place ?