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Etwinning project 2020-2021


What could havehAPPened!







Time Capsule

Our awesome final products


Students' Gifs on historic events

Logos/Posters of students' imaginary apps that could have changed history

STOP MOTION. An introduction to the animated film making technique.Students work on powerpoints and give motion to their historical content logo ideas.https://twinspace.etwinning.net/117048/pages/page/1326742

First students create 3D items/symbols/mascots to depict their logosSecond, 3D images with logos and clues are presented on the templates of a collaborative presentation and partner students are involved in a guessing game.

A Digital Time CapsuleA collection of objects and messages to capture the today history

International team work on European Heritage Label Sites led to the collaborative production of brochures

All ideas about apps that could have changed the historic events in a collaborative presentation

First, students write about their preferences-which historic era they would like to visit if they could travel back in timehttps://padlet.com/tothe/o2yx68637p1ivlalWhat could have hAPPenedeTwinning...PadletSecond, they select songs related to historic eventshttps://padlet.com/evianagn/yyzd4kn6u1deMusic videos connected to HistorySearch for a music video in which either the title or lyrics contain the word 'history' or culture, or one that reminds you of a historical...PadletThird, They place all historic events mentioned in the above activities on a timeline

Europeana Christmas cards converted into gifs and Christmas messages on what mistakes of the past should not humanity repeat in the present and future?TwinspaceDuring Christmas time, esp. on New year's Eve, people around the world traditionally make Resolutions , wishing to change bad habits, restore...Etwinning