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Ania Kolbuszewska



Grace alchini social media supervisor

Grace Alchini is a freelance teacher of English and a business communication and ESP trainer based in Mexico. She has over 35 years of experience teaching at universities, providing in-company services, and training professionals who need to upskill. She is also a frequent speaker at international conferences.

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Grace Alchini

slobodan kelecevicsocial media team member

Slobodan Kelecevicis an English teacher turned BE trainer. He found his calling in remote BE training. It fuels his passions – growing professionally, helping others grow and using technology to make the first two happen. He sees tech as our biggest ally now.

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Slobodan Kelecevic

Ania Kolbuszewskaonline team member

Ania Kolbuszewska has been involved in ELT internationally for over 30 years as a teacher, trainer, manager, educational consultant and quality auditor. She is also a certified mediator with a keen interest in conflict management theory and practice.

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Ania Kolbuszewska

Ricardo brunsonline team member

Ricardo Bruns has been working as a Business English Trainer and a Communication Consultant since 2009. He holds a CertIBET and has over ten years of multicultural corporate experience. He is also one of the coordinators of the BRAZ-TESOL Business English SIG.

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Ricardo Bruns

Choreanne freionline team member

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Choreanne Freihas been involved in ELT for almost 25 years as a teacher and trainer and is based in Switzerland. Having mainly taught in-company courses at international companies and research institutes, she is particularly interested in business communication, English for specific purposes, and intercultural communication.

Choreanne Frei

kirsten waechteronline team supervisor

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Kirsten Waechter has been a business English trainer based in Germany since 1998. Having taught in-company courses for many years, today she focuses on teaching business communication, English for special purposes and intercultural courses. She has designed her own materials in this field and provides teacher training, too. She has been a member of the BOT since 2016 and is currently heading the team, organising the moderation and hosting of online events.

Kirsten Waechter

sue annan social media and online team member

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Sue Annanlives in the Channel island of Jersey where she teaches BE and general English as well as training teachers for Trinity’s College London. She is a moderator for Eltchat and is an assistant coordinator for EVO, as well as being a founding member of Teachers4schools. She has been a IATEFL BESIG member since 2009.

Sue Annan

katrin lichterfeld social media and online team member

After working in the export department of a beverage group, Katrin Lichterfeld (MA - CertIBET - authorized trainer/examiner for ‘Intercultural Competence in English’) has focused her corporate training on reflective business communication across cultures. She participated in the EU-funded ENRICH project “English as a Lingua Franca practices for inclusive multilingual classrooms".

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Katrin Lichterfeld

karin Heuert Galvão social media consultant

Karin is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and works as the CEO of i-Study Interactive Learning. She also works with multinational corporations developing their language strategies for their Latin American branches and assessing candidates for relocating purposes. She works with Leadership Programs since she is a licensed Coach and Behavior Analyst.

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Karin Heuert Galvão

silke rieglerevents assistant

Silke Riegler is a business communications and intercultural trainer based in Germany. An eclectic mix of students gives her the possibility to draw on her business experience and training, as well as on her passion for the English language. A BESIG member since 2012, she thoroughly enjoys what the community has to offer and values its constant support.

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Silke Riegler

Birte horn administration assistant

Birte Horn is a language trainer, copy editor and consultant. For the past 17 years, she has been teaching EFL predominately at STEM universities in Germany. Her main interests in training and research are Business English, Technical English, Intercultural Communication and Academic Writing.

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Birte Horn

uma tademaonline team member

Uma Tadema is a Business English Trainer and the owner of English in Emden. After having worked in India, Germany, China and Australia in industries as varied as hospitality, aviation and administration, Uma started as an EFL teacher in 2003 and hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys the interactivity and learner empowerment associated with teaching. She is training to become an accredited Solutions Focussed Coach.

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Uma Tadema

mandy welfareeditorial team member

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Mandy Welfare works predominantly with international companies across Europe to help improve their communication in English. Holding an MA in Education, she also teaches linguistics and technical English at universities in Berlin. Furthermore, she works as an ELT author and editor, and has written several self-study books.

Mandy Welfare

dolon guptaeditorial team member

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Dolon Gupta