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Course Navigation

Organize your course navigation in the order provided by your school. Hide any unused links. Having common school navigation is an important Universal Design for Learning principle and helps all students utilize the course more effectively.

How to manage course navigation links.

Install any teacher-based LTI's.

These include

  • Flipgrid
  • Canva for Education

Other LTI's will be installed at the school level. See you ITC for LTI's available at your school.

Add Recent Announcements to Home Screen

How do I show recent announcements in the Course Home Page?

Home Page

Create a home page that will introduce students to you, your course, and provide directions on how the student should use their course.

How to Set a Front Page

Think about adding the following to introduce your course:

  • Course roadmap like this but for your course.
  • Movie trailer about your course
  • Some other engaging hook that introduces students to your content

Discussion Boards

Think about how/if you will use discussion boards. Create some guidelines and directions for how students should utilize discussion boards for academic work and how this differs from interactions on social media.

Create Assignment Groups

Organizing your Canvas Gradebook will be much easier if you create assignment groups.

How do I add an assignment group?

Recommended Groups:





Content will be organized into modules. You will want to think about how to organize them. Some teachers/students organize by week other by unit.

Add Content!

Office of Student Learning will publish content to the commons that you can pull into your course. You can also create all the pages, quizzes, file uploads, external links,

Publish Your Course!

Students will automatically be added to your course, but cannot see it until you publish it.

How do I publish a course?

Check for Accessibility

Here is a Wakelet guide to creating accessible content.

Next Steps:

After a couple of weeks get feedback from students about what's working and what's not working.