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Google Sites

  • Create a Google Site
  • Add pages to a Google Site
  • Add text to a Google Site
  • Add links to a Google Site page
  • Embed a Google Doc in a Site
  • Embed a YouTube video in a Site
  • Embed a Calendar in a Site
  • Add items to your site - Maps, Images, Forms, Charts, etc.
  • Customizing your site - theme
  • Share the site
  • How Google Drive can work with Google Sites to create an online portfolio
  • Google Sites - student created sites


  • Searching for Relevant Publications (date range)
  • Advanced Scholar Searches (authors, publications)
  • Related articles
  • Cited by articles
  • Articles by author
  • Creating a Personalized Google Scholar Library (save option)
  • Creating Citations (cite option)
  • Scholar Alerts (create alert)


  • Create a jamboard.
  • Contribute to a Jamboard

Google Earth

  • Using Google Earth
  • Save locations to My Places

Chrome and Search

  • Searching for Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • Manage Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • Install and manage Extensions
  • How to share apps and extensions

Advanced Training

Complete the advanced training to prepare you for the objective/multiple choice part of the Level 2 exam.



2.5 Hours Tasks and Multiple Choice


  • Share a Calendar
  • Creating a New Calendar
  • Calendar Attachments
  • Embedding a Google Calendar
  • Create Appointment Slots to book appointments with parents
  • Enable Advanced Settings in Calendar
  • Invite people to an event


  • Create and Manage a YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel - upload videos
  • YouTube Channel - video sharing settings
  • YouTube Channel - create, curate, share, and delete playlists
  • Create and Edit Cards
  • Use the YouTube Editor
  • Add video thumbnails
  • Managing comments
  • YouTube Studio analytics basics
  • YouTube Live privacy settings



  • How to create a blog
  • Create blog posts
  • Inviting more authors
  • Add photos, videos, or documents to a blog post
  • Label Your Blogger Posts
  • Visibility settings


  • Why you would use a blog as a teacher or student

Google Forms


  • Create a Form
  • Send a Form
  • Create a Sheet to collect Responses
  • Use images in answer selections
  • Form settings - collect username, domain restriction, one response per user, confirmation message, etc.
  • Choose a Form Response Destination
  • Go to a Section Based on an Answer in Google Forms
  • Upload files in Forms
  • Create Quizzes with Forms


  • Use Forms to create a survey, collect data, gather opinions
  • Create a Choose Your Own Adventure Form

Google Docs

  • Insert Tables in Docs
  • Insert Images in Docs
  • Crop and Adjust Images
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Add a Hyperlink
  • Insert Mathematical Equations
  • Insert Drawings in a Doc
  • Explore Tool to search sites, images, and Drive
  • Citing with the Explore Tool
  • Use the Define tool
  • Translate tool
  • Alert Your Collaborators
  • Tag and Notify in Comments
  • How to use a Google Doc as a class syllabus
  • Use a Google Doc as a Multi-Media Text Set or HyperDoc

Google Drive

  • Upload, create, and share files and folders in Drive
  • How to use Drive as a lesson repository

My Maps

  • Google Maps and directions
  • Street View
  • Create and Edit Custom Maps
  • Ideas for using Maps in class

Google Slides

  • Change theme, background, or layout in Slides
  • Using animations in Slides
  • Editing the Master Slides
  • Interactive note-taking for students with Slides
  • Using animations in Slides
  • Insert Shapes, Images, and Other Objects in Slides
  • Hyperlinks for Choose Your Own Adventure slideshows
  • Accept and present audience questions
  • Making flowcharts with Slides
  • Making digital books with Slides
  • Making animations with Slides

Google Sheets

  • Create a Chart or Graph in Google Sheets including a Motion Chart, Radar Chart
  • Create a Pivot table to analyze large data sets
  • Use functions including Sort, Filter, CountIF, SumIF, Sum, Unique
  • Use the Filter Tool and Filter Views
  • Applying Conditional Formatting to efficiently display results
  • Import Data Sets and Spreadsheets
  • Create Radar Charts and Timeline Charts


  • Sending emails
  • Enable Advanced settings
  • Undo send
  • Saving Time with Templates
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts to Customize Your Gmail
  • Creating and using a Filter


  • Add-ons for Sheets & Slides & Forms & Docs
  • Finding and Installing Add-Ons
  • Filtering Add-ons by subject
  • Using and Managing Add-ons
  • How to assess more effectively using Add-ons