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Roadmap to the Level 1 Certification


Google Drive

  • Create Folder
  • Create Subfolder
  • Change Color of Folder
  • Add Doc to Folder
  • Share Folder with One Person
  • Get Link to Folder
  • Star Folder and/or Doc
  • Creating files
  • Uploading files
  • Accessing files
  • Organizing files/folders
  • Sharing files as a link

Google Docs

  • Create a Doc
  • Name a Doc
  • Share a Doc
  • Get Link to Doc
  • Get Link and Share pdf in Drive
  • Change Font
  • Change Font Size
  • Change Font Color
  • Change Line Spacing
  • Comment in a Doc
  • Use comments, direct comments to specific users, and Suggested Edits in Docs
  • Copy/Paste from One Doc to Another
  • Insert Headers, Footers, and Footnotes
  • Create a Hyperlink

Google Slides

  • Create a New Slideshow
  • Add a Slide
  • Insert a Picture
  • Insert a Video
  • Comment on a Slide
    • =+email in a Comment
  • Insert and Arrange Text, Shapes, Lines, and Word Art
  • Change the Theme
  • Get Link to Slideshow
  • Crop and Shape Images in a Slide
  • Move, Cut, Copy, and Duplicate Slides in a Presentation
  • Format fonts and colors
  • Create Linked Text
  • Change the background color
  • Edit speaker notes
  • Use closed captions in presenter mode

Google Sheets

  • Create and Title a Google Sheet
  • Add Data to Spreadsheet
  • Organize Data with Filters
  • Sort Data in Columns
  • Insert New Row or Column
  • Sum Row or Column of Data
  • Average Row or Column of Data
  • Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Rename Tabs in Sheets
  • Protected Sheets and Ranges
  • Create Basic Chart from Column of Data and analyze the data
  • Move Chart to Own Sheet
  • Download Chart to use as an image file.
  • Copy and paste a chart into a Google Doc
  • Use recommended formulas/functions with Explore tool
  • Create a chart with the Explore tool and move it to its own sheet.

Google Drawings

  • Paint and Create Charts and Diagrams with Google Drawings
  • Google Drawing for Demonstrating Understanding

Google Forms

  • Create a Form
  • Title Form
  • Add/ Edit Different Types of Questions
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Video
  • Change Theme of Form
  • Change Submission Settings of Form
  • Send Form via Email Address
  • Get Link to Form
  • View Responses of Form
  • Create Spreadsheet of Responses
  • View Responses of Form
  • Edit Form settings
  • Grading with Google Forms quizzes

Google Sites

  • Create a Site

  • Apply Themes

  • Understand Home Page vs. Other Pages

  • Add Text to a Page

  • Insert an Image to a Page

  • Insert a Google Drive Doc to a Page

  • Insert a YouTube Video to a page

  • Reposition Content on a Page

  • Add a New Page

  • Nest Pages Under Pages (Subpage)

  • Share a Site with a Collaborator (Edit Access)

  • Publish Site

  • Get Site URL

  • Share a Site with a Collaborator (Edit Access)


  • Compose a Message
  • Find Contacts
  • Find Tasks
  • Understand and Apply Labels
  • Initiate a Hangout from within Gmail
  • Add Emails Directly to Tasks
  • Mobile App
  • Personalize the Format of your inbox with Priority Inbox
  • Create Filters in Gmail
  • Starring and Marking as Important on emails
  • Advanced Search in Gmail

Google Meet

  • Add Meet to a Calendar Event
  • Initiate Video Call
  • Share Screen in Video Call
  • Use Google meet breakout room

Google Groups

  • Create a Group
  • Add and Invite Members
  • Post to Group
  • Set Basic Group Permissions
  • Select Group Type
  • Sending an email to Group

Google Classroom

  • Create a Class
  • Add a Students using a Class Code
  • Invite a student via email
  • Create an Assignment and Set a Due Date
  • Attach Google Drive Files to Assignments
  • Assignment Settings (view, edit, make a copy for each student)

Google Calendar

  • Create a New Calendar
  • Create an Event
  • Add Notification for Event
  • Add an Attachment to an Event
  • Adjust Time on an Event
  • Add Googel Meet to Event
  • Invite a person to an event
  • Difference Between Reminder and Tasks
  • Create a Task
  • Use "Find a Time" to check availability
  • Share a Calendar
  • Set Customized Reminder Notifications for Events
  • Move an event to a different calendar
  • Attach a Shared Google Doc to a Calendar Event

Google Keep

  • Create and Manage to-do lists and notes in Google Keep
  • Add media and share notes in Google Keep
  • Create a list with checkboxes
  • Change the color of a note and pin it


  • Enable Your YouTube Channel
  • Filter Your Search, by video, playlist, channel, etc
  • Share a Video directly in an Email using Gmail
  • Get Share Link for a Video
  • Create a Playlist and add videos to it
  • Title and Add Description to Playlist
  • Understand Privacy Settings with Videos/Playlists
  • Get Direct Link to Playlist
  • Email Playlist Directly with an Email
  • Subscribe to Channel
  • Edit playlist settings, description, visibility

Google Chrome

  • Search with Omnibox
  • Special Features of Omnibox (i.e. equations, calculations, measurement)
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Bookmarking Folders
  • Chrome Store- Extensions
  • Sign in to Chrome for syncing
    • Managing Multiple google Account
  • Creating, Managing, Searching, and Editing Bookmarks
  • Keeping information private with incognito
  • Using the Chrome Web Store - Installing/Uninstalling Apps and Extensions
  • Pin a tab
  • Mute a tab
  • Utilizing Filters and Modifiers in Search

Fundamental Training

The fundamental training will help prepare you for the Multiple Choice/Objective part of the test. I suggest going to the "Review" section for each module and attempting the practice questions. If you have a tough time with them work through that module.


Register for the exam.

Exam is multiple choice and task-based.

You have 2.5 hours to complete it.

It is "open" book. Use google as you need too :)