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The Growth Mindset & Blended Learning


The Growth Mindset & Blended Learning:

Next-level online distance learning


With Canvas as our foundation, we can add content from past years of teaching and other LMSs we’ve used in the past. Then, we can choose what material we’d like to upgrade (powerpoints, I’m looking at you!) and upload it to Genially, the all-in-one tool for creating interactive and animated learning media: presentations, infographics, interactive images, and even breakout rooms and other gamified material. After making our static material interactive and more visually appealing with a few quick edits, we can create new material with the same tool. Then we pull it all together.

  1. Use a Learning Management System (LMS) as your foundation
  2. Find a media creation tool
  3. Upgrade old materials
  4. Make new ones
  5. Integrate

What is blended learning?

The Growth Mindset

Blended learning

Blended learning is the mix of digital and classroom learning. An LMS like Canvas can help us keep all of our digital materials in one place: assignments, grades, announcements, to-do lists, class discussions and more. It helps teachers make sure our digital learning materials aren’t scattered and distracting, but instead purposeful pieces working as part of a larger vision. It’s the perfect platform to use for course building. For those of you familiar with Genially already or those learning about it for the first time, we have some exciting news… Genially and Canvas now integrate perfectly, so you can insert your geniallys seamlessly into your courses and individual assignments!

The growth mindset and its benefits for students

Three profiles of students stand out to us: ones who perform for the A, those who like learning but don’t get the grades, and students who are apathetic towards learning in general. The growth mindset, a term coined by Stanford psychologist Carol Dwek and made popular by her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, has given us answers for encouraging all three to succeed in and beyond the digital and physical classroom.