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Plan, organize, and prioritize

The morning hours are the most productive of the day. Our attitude is more relaxed, which makes us able to concentrate better. Take advantage of this time to create a list of the tasks you will get done each day. This includes which teaching material you want to cover as well as time for correcting, planning, and designing new activities. With your list prepared, be sure that you are organizing your tasks based on priorities, in order to reach your objectives. Now, it’s also important to be realistic when it comes time to planning your day. Don’t overload yourself. Estimate how much time it will take you to complete the task, and this way you can make your day more efficient and you’ll be happier when you see that you have hit all your daily goals within the time you had planned.

Time for yourself

Let’s start with something that should be obvious, but many times it slips away from us: a good work-life balance. Education is a vocation that can completely absorb us. The time can fly by and we still find ourselves preparing, thinking of ideas, and correcting work or exams. However, we should try to not fall into this excess and try to find a good balance between our work and our personal lives. We’re not saying reduce the number of classes you teach online or work less hours. What we are saying is that you should optimize your time to get the most out of those hours. Work more, but in less time. To do this effectively, get organized, be patient, and develop your assertiveness. You’ll be closer to this balance, and you’ll win time for yourself and your loved ones.

Gain efficiency

Finally, and this is key for being efficient, surround yourself with tools that make your work easier for you. It’s relevant to bet on technological solutions that are versatile, that help us resolve many of our day to day communication and teaching requirements all in one place. Platforms, like Genially, that in one place and with one sign-on, improve the power of many other platforms. That way, with just one platform, we can create presentations, learning guides, interactive images, infographics, video presentations with our own audio narration, or gamification. On top of that, it allows us to share our creations and integrate them directly into our class in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, and of course, on our blog, LMS, or our school’s education platform, in just a few clicks.

Collaborate with other educators

Social media makes educating and training tasks easier for us since it allows us to share content that is useful for other educators. Exchange resources, best practices, or educational material to get the best results. Here at Genially, we are committed to helping the educational community, and we know that, together, we can make online teaching more effective and more accessible. In order to do that, we have created the hashtag #SharingGenially that many educators and trainers are already using on social media to share all kinds of material with the community.

Help your students to get organized

With the activities clear, it’s time to pass on that organization to our students. You can give them advice for them to organize their own workspaces or help them with a calendar to set a routine. You can create interactive calendars with Genially where you can add your content and syllabus planning.