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What is a mind map and how do you make one?

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Mind Maps

What is a mind map and how do you make one?

What is a mind map?

A mind map is the graphic representation of one or more concepts in the form of a scheme articulated around a main idea. Each of these concepts is called a “node.” The mind map allows you to capture the structure of the information and the relationship between the concepts contained in that information at a glance. Creating mind maps boosts active learning. By creating your mind map, you can extract and record information in your memory very effectively. That’s why mind maps are a logical and creative way to take notes and represent your ideas, whether you’re organizing for yourself or sharing them with others.

Creating mind maps online

Making a mind map is the easiest thing in the world, its simplicity is one of its main advantages. You can make one in a few seconds with a pencil and paper. But if you want it to last, be collaborative and/or easy to send, it’s best to do it in a digital format. At Genially, we love mind maps. That’s why we’ve created lots of templates so you can make your own mind map effortlessly, focusing on content alone.

Here's another great template from Genially:

Tips for creating your mind map

  1. Use the sheet horizontally
  2. Draw a central image, which becomes the main node or topic. Choosing a striking image will draw more attention to your mind map.
  3. From the central image, the most important keywords and ideas should radiate outward.
  4. Sort ideas clockwise
  5. Place the main ideas on thicker branches and secondary ideas on thinner branches.
  6. Use curved lines
  7. Type one keyword per line
  8. Use abundant colors and images to make your mind map more attractive, interesting and unique.
  9. Always make your mind maps personal