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Redemption Island

4eme A-B, LIFE Jakarta, 2021

Inspired by

And then there were none...
by Agatha Christie

4 eme English Literature - V. Doval

Here we give a second chance to criminals, assassins, drug dealers...

You are probably thinking: “ They have done terrible things! How to give them a second chance?”
Well, yes their actions are terrible, for some of them really awful, but people can change, and for that to happen we have to give them second chances.

Good evening everybody and welcome on Redemption Island !

The criminals we are going to welcome do not know why they are there, they do not even know that they are all criminals.

But before starting, let's ask Cyann Miller to present them to us.

I am Natacha Brown and tonight we are with Cyann Miller, Olivia Marks and John Davis. For the people who don’t know what The Redemption Island is, it's a second chance for criminals to get redemption.

Thank you Natacha and good evening dear viewers.
Let's start without further delay, our first contestant is Ethel Rogers She is very aggressive,intelligent, cunning, unbridle. She handles weapons very well and she is strong physically and mentally. She tried to kill an old woman. Her ultimate goals? Get rid of her husband and avenge her mother and father by killing William Blore.

Coming after : Thomas Williams : he is selfish, narcissistic, arrogant, not mentioning his cruelty towards animals... His occupations are Barbecues and golf, cars.

Followed by : Thomas Rogers, he lives with his wife . He used to love working in a restaurant but he no longer does.

And finally : Eiji: She has a competitive spirit, she is funny, kind of course and understanding,She loves drawing and reads a lot of manga and novels. She is very strong at volleyball and has the advantage of size. She is a smuggler. Now you know all of them !

Eleven Little Bule

Eleven little bule went cycling on Cipete
One got hit by a car and then there were ten.

Ten little bule went in the rain to fly a kite;
One was electrocuted and then there were nine.

Nine little bule went swimming in the sea;
One was eaten by a shark and then there were eight.

Eight little bule went to Sumatra forest;
One got eaten by a tiger and then there were seven.

Seven little bule went to the jungle;
One got bitten by a poisonous snake and then there were six.

Six little bule went in the mangrove;
One got attacked by a crocodile and then there were five.

Five little bule went diving;
One touched a scorpion fish and then there were four.

Four little bule went hiking;
One got attacked by a Komodo and then there were three.

Three little bule went snorkeling in Lombok;
One got stung by a jellyfish and then there were two.

Two little bule went in the desert;
One got picked by a scorpion and then there was one.

One little bule took a plane to Europe;
He crashed and then there were none.

Part 1

Anthony Marston
Thomas Mirage Williams
Isaac Morris
William Blore
Emily Brent

Anthony Marston




Unemployed, but rich because his parents have money.

Rich, likes partying with rich people, attractive, has expensive tastes.

He is a killer.

Excellent at sports

likes to drive recklessly and seems to lack a conscience.


Thomas Mirage Williams

Issac Morris

Well known lawyer known for being sleezy and used to sell drugs.


Getting paid

Expensive watches



Selfish, arrogant and greedy.

Does his job properly.

I was hired by a man called U. N. Owen to purchase that Indonesian Island under his name. He asked me to arrange the gramophone recording, and make arrangements on his behalf. I of course found that weird but I mean, money is money. As long as I get paid.

Owen… for some odd reason, he made me think about a woman I met a long time ago. You see? Since at that time being a lawyer didn't bring me much money, I decided to have another job to gain more money…

Becoming rich


My name is Isaac Morris. I'm 24 years old despite looking like a 34 years old man. I have black semi-long hair and black eyes. I don't wear much accessories apart from glasses and a golden watch. I am often seen wearing a white shirt under my black suit and long black pants.

I'm a well known lawyer with a lot of fame known for being sleazy and unethical but they're just judging me for having a better job than them.

William Blore

Emily and Clara Brent

Anthony Marston

Anthony Marston killed two small children in a car accident caused by his speeding, but shows no remorse.

This is the letter he has received just

before heading to the island:

Hello, Mr Marston,
I wanted to write to you for a long time, because I
think of you very often, we know each other so little and yet you are part
of my life, you are in all my thoughts. I hate you, obviously. My rage and
my desire for revenge did not abate, quite the contrary.


At the end of the year, one day of the trials, Mr,Brandon doubted Alysson's abilities; he let everyone pass but not her. So she decided to run away and prove what she was capable of at school by counterattacking all of their burglaries .One evening, the school had planned to steal a diamond and thanks to Alysson's friend, Dylan, she got to know where they were attacking. Thus, she stole the diamond before their arrival and then handed it over the next day.
One day the school had planned to attack before the criminals,she slipped on ice and she accidentally pushed aside a student. He had serious injuries and didn’t make it...Now Alysson is trying to go unnoticed, still keeping the criminals from stealing.

When Alysson was a kid, she grew up in a School for thieves.There were 5 teachers who each taught a method of stealing. There was Mrs.Sparkle, who taught how to recognize the fake from the real, Mrs. Rambaud in Sciences, Mrs. Huillery forvsport, Mr. Brandon for attack classes, and Mr. David who stayed at the office.

Thomas Williams Mirage

When I got on the train, I wasn’t feeling my best. I was a little nervous and suspicious about what would happen on the Indonesian Island. This island had a lot of rumors since Mr. Owen bought it. But maybe these rumors aren’t true? After I have read the letter. I was thinking that Constance Culmington had signed a letter for me, but I hadn’t seen her, or even spoken to her. I was a little stressed about what was going on. I, once, was thinking of jumping out of the train and going back to my house, but the train was already next to the seaside town of Surabaya.

Isaac Morris

I started to sell illegal and "dangerous" drugs, I mean it's fine as long as we don't become addicted right? This one woman came to buy some of my drugs, days passed by and she came back again.
She came to take some of my drugs almost every week, some days she will start crying and tell herself that she didn't want to take drugs anymore. I wouldn't normally care but this girl was my most common client ! She also paid a lot of money for those drugs, so there's no way I'm letting her stop doing drugs.
I later found out from the news that she committed suicide.. I don't really know how to feel, should I feel guilty from my actions?
It's all her fault after all. She became addicted to drugs by herself. It's her fault for being addicted and commiting suicide after all.

William Blore

William is taking another train. He has a list of names, and he reads it over, reflecting that this job will probably be easy. His only company on the train is an old man who warns him that a storm is coming and that the day of judgment is near. As the man gets off the train, Blore thinks that the old man is closer to death and judgment than he himself is. He can hear him whisper:

Then, he opens an enveloppe and starts reading:

“There, as it happens, he was wrong. . . .”

William Blore 1
Jakarta, 11/2/2021

Dear Mr Blore,

I'm Landor's wife, the man you framed and sent to jail.

You really know my husband was innocent.

Can you go to the court and tell the truth, please?

I know sometimes with his work Gojek delivers strange boxes but he is far from being a bad man.

He prays five times per day and also helps the poor people near to us.

Please help us. I need my husband back home.

We have a 14 year old child that needs her father.

She cannot grow up without her father. I miss my husband, my life is more miserable without him.

He is a good and wise presence in our small house.

You still have some conscience, please help us by telling the truth.

Please, I wish my innocent husband back home.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Anna Landor

Emily and Clara Brent

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I went downstairs and saw my daughter whispering to her phone. At first, I wondered if she was speaking to friends but I thought it was impossible, she always yells when it comes to her friends so I slowly walked to her, tapped her shoulder and asked : “ Who are you talking to this early?” She jumped a little and stuttered, no one. I got really suspicious and said alright, in a really dark tone voice. I brought her to school, and we rode in the car.



I went to my friends and started talking to them. We all started talking about every subject then... My friends and I turned around only to see a mysterious new kid. He was tall and looked very cute, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was, with tall blond hair and his body was just amazing to admire! So my friends start saying:
- oooooh, someone has a crush!
S- hut u-up!
My friends and I laughed.
All of us went to all our classes ( honestly, pretty boring) and now it was the end of the day. I ran outside only to find the mysterious boy leaning against the wall. I started walking faster towards my mom’s car, blushing and hoping he wouldn't notice me, I hopped in the car and closed the car door.

And then there were ten.

I sped down the dirt road, a trail of dust being lifted into the air as my sports car passed. My head was in the clouds, not a care in the world. I had ordered a private boat ahead of time to go to the island. I'd rather ride on something more of "my class" rather than the small boat I knew they would provide. As I arrive at the port I see a splendid catamaran laid before me. The white paint reflects the sun, giving it a glimmering look. I can already imagine myself sailing through the ocean on it. But everything does not seem to go according to plan... I seem to have lost all confidence as I start losing control of my boat. Last time I sailed one of these, about three years ago on my luxurious vacation in the Caribbean, I did not remember it going like this at all. The sails are going in all directions as the wind starts to blow harder, the waves come crashing around me. I let go of the steering to fix the sails, but that just seems to make matters worse, making the boat tilt from side to side, almost throwing me overboard multiple times. But I hold on. Or at least I try too. The next tilt is harder and more violent than I could have ever handled, and I soon find myself in the middle of the sea, not a piece of land in sight. Thank god I'm a good swimmer, and I start to swim in what I assume would be the direction of the island. This is not an easy task, I'm going against the current, the waves crashing into me as I swallow cups full of salty water. And even though it isn't like me, I start to lose hope... But then the sound of a motor hitting the water seems to take me out of my despair. ANOTHER BOAT! A saviour! I start to swim in that direction, and I think I distinguish a lot of people in it . I try to agitate my arms in all directions and yell, hoping that would help them notice me. No luck, these moves are just wearing me out even more. I try to swim closer and closer, but the sound of the motor must be covering up my voice. At one point I manage to get really close to the boat, hoping that perhaps then they would be able to hear me. But I must have been too close. The sound of the motor is louder than ever in my ears as I see the blades turning and getting nearer and nearer to my face at a pace I can't control. The last thing I remember is the pain of the blades smashing across my face, the water turning red around me, and everything starting to become blurry. And then nothing.

Anthony Marston

I was on a Gojek when I smelled the food from Mc Donald’s. I went in and took nine pieces of chicken nuggets, Coca Cola and large fries. I bought water because I knew I would be thirsty after. When I went out, I climbed the stairs that go to the subway and the security checked me. There was a window, we could see all the views of Fatmawati. It was huge. It was strange and also beautiful to see the warung, the toko which was poor and the subway just next to them. The subway was really modern. They were fake bamboos, nature walls and lots of signs. I thought I was in Singapore. Fortunately, signs were there. Trash cans were everywhere. The subway was huge.

There were European, Asian, American and African restaurants. I wanted to eat in one of them but I would be late for the metro. I went outside, waiting for the metro to come. I look at the buildings in Central Jakarta. It was beautiful. There were lots of sun reflections because of the sunset. I took my train and waited until I arrived at Gambir Station . I did my Genose test and within a few minutes, I was on the train, heading to the Island.


Thomas Mirage Williams

Childhood memory

I remember that when I was a kid, I would love to kill worms in my school's garden. I was just 4 years old, and it was one of my favourite activities during the break before going to eat lunch. I would step on their head, so it comes off, and then the body will continue to move, it was so fun, and I was enjoying doing that.
Other people were telling me that killing insects that didn’t do anything to me was unfair. I had a different view of things. It was just a little beast among the billions of others.
Once, I was about to kill a green worm, it didn’t have a head anymore, but it crawled away. When I was stepping on them, I would always be in a corner of the garden, to be the only one to watch this moment. I was feeling superior to these little worms. I know it wasn’t the greatest thing to do during a break, but I enjoyed it. It was my moment. Every day for 3 years. Until I changed schools and got into one without gardens. My breaks were ruined.
It was some very fun times.

Isaac Morris

I started to sell illegal and "dangerous" drugs, I mean it's fine as long as we don't become addicted right? This one woman came to buy some of my drugs, days passed by and she came back again.
She came to take some of my drugs almost every week, some days she will start crying and tell herself that she didn't want to take drugs anymore. I wouldn't normally care but this girl was my most common client ! She also paid a lot of money for those drugs, so there's no way I'm letting her stop doing drugs.
I later found out from the news that she committed suicide.. I don't really know how to feel, should I feel guilty from my actions?
It's all her fault after all.
She became addicted to drugs by herself. It's her fault for being addicted and committing suicide after all.

Morris has just received a letter from the woman’s sister.

"Dear Morris,

I know who you are and what you did. I loved my sister more than anything in this world and I will make you pay for what you did. You took the most important person in my life, I don’t want to hear your side of the story, I'll make you fall off your position and make you feel the pain I felt.”

William Blore

William Blore and Dr Armstrong are on the beach, waiting for the boat.

Edward: Uhh, hi William, I'm Edward, I work as a doctor and Mr. Owen asked me to come here to check on his wife.
What about you?
William: I used to be a police officer, I got fired for putting an innocent man in jail.
Edward: That's kinda harsh, wow!
William: yeah...I am a corrupted man!
Do you know why you were asked to come to the island?
William: I don't know why, what about you, why did you come to this island?
Edward: To check on Mr. Owens’ wife, but she doesn't seem to be here yet.
William: What happened to Mr. Owens' wife?
Edward: Mr. Owen just slightly mentioned something about her nerves… I’m not sure.
William: Oh, is she sick?
Edward: I don’t know, it wasn’t very clear.
William: Do you know if Mr. Owen's wife is on the island?
Edward: No, not yet. I heard she hasn't arrived.
William: Does she need medical treatment?
Edward: I'm really unsure, all the letter mentioned was for me to have a check on her and uhh that’s about it!
William: I see...
Edward: So, did you notice Thomas Mirage Williams over there? I remember him, I had to give medical testimony in a few court cases. Have you met him before?
William: Hmm, i believe i have met him
Edward: What do you think of him? I find him kind of weird.Well, yes, I think that Wargrave is weird too.
Edward: Yeah... he has a reputation for convincing juries to convict…
William: Yep!


Dr Armstrong

Emily and Clara Brent

I was relieved when my mom started driving home and we started talking about my day at school. I told her there was nothing interesting about today, just a new student my mom said “ new student, hey?”, I said “yes” in a confused tone. my mom looked at me as I got creeped out because I know my mom is a very strict religious woman. I went silent for the rest of the ride home. As we arrived at the garage, I got out of the car and walked into the house. I thought “I have some homework to do. I'll do it upstairs in my room”. I started doing homework and I got a text from my friend :

I got ready then I met my friend at the front of my house. We drove to the club and started dancing. We started drinking. As I got drunk, I bumped into that mysterious guy from school. As I said “ HelLo HaNdsOmE'' , he looked at me, smirked and dragged me into another room - four hours later, I looked at my phone, held it and looked at the time which indicated 4am. Mind: 4am?! I went back to see my friend and she drove me home. I slowly sneaked into the house. As I walked in, I saw my mother staring at me.

  • Hey, do you want to come to the club with me?

  • Sure, why not?


I got a mysterious invitation for a week on that distant island.
As I arrived at the hotel, I heard a lot of people talking about Thomas and William. Curious as I am, I asked a lady where their room was. She told me that Thomas' room was next to mine. In the evening, I realized that I could hear through the walls. Out of curiosity, I listened to what they were saying: they were talking about going to the beach the next day around 8am and meeting William. So I set an alarm clock at 7:30 to follow him and see what was going on. The next day at 7:30am, I got ready and at 8:00am, I started investigating by following him discreetly on the beach. I saw him talking to someone: it was surely William. When I was going to try to move forward a bit to listen to what was happening, I felt a breath on my head. As soon as I turned around, it was all dark….

I woke up to someone shaking me. Without any other thought ,I got up. They made me walk to a hidden house and when I saw someone with a knife, I knew what was going to happen. They needed a heart, for a Mrs Owen they said...
They made me sat on a chair to electrocute me then stabbed me and I decided not to fight...

And then there were nine...

Thomas Mirage Williams

On Monday, I decided to go for a little walk, because I needed some fresh air. The landscape was absolutely beautiful, but something was a little weird. There were no boats at the beach, not even one. I did a little tour of the island to see if there was any other around. Maybe there was a special place for all their boats ? Once I finished making an entire circle around, there was nothing…. I had a feeling of being trapped in here. But there was a good side of that situation. I was trapped here, which means that the others are trapped too. The other means especially Dr Armstrong… I had plenty of my time to find a way to... to kill him.
I locked myself in my room. And I was trying to make a plan to see how I could kill him. Not just kill him, I wanted him to feel the pain like he did with the surgery. I was the judge at his trial and he was set free. That was not fair because he killed a patient doing a surgery as he was drunk. I had an idea how to kill him, maybe I could drown him at the beach. But I had to find a way to go there, just me and Dr Armstrong alone. I was thinking what is a good excuse to go to the beach Sunday morning? I went to sleep, but I wasn’t really sleeping, during the entire night, I was thinking. And at 3am in the morning, I had it.
It was the day, Sunday, I prepared all the stuff to go to the beach. At 8am, I knocked on the door but… No one answered. I asked myself if he was making me a big joke, or was he already on the beach, very excited to see

« the sharks » in the reef ?
I decided to go there without knowing if he would be there…
Arrived there, I didn't see him, I saw William. Yes, William the policeman.
What was he doing here ? Where was the doctor ?

This wasn't going as I wish it would be going.

Isaac Morris

As I arrived on the island, everything was pretty quiet. I assume I arrived here before everyone, saying my thanks to the captain of the boat. I walked toward the big manor. Before I could even touch the door it suddenly opened. I was met with two servants in front of me, they told me that the other guests hadn't arrived yet and I was the first one.
Good, I didn't want to meet them anyway. They brought me to the front door of my bedroom and then left me.
Entering the bedroom I searched with my eyes where I could search for the information form. Opening every cabinet and searching every corner I couldn't find anything. Unless that poem above my head is an information… or a clue, but it's just a stupid story. Sigh, maybe I can try to search for the information tomorrow? For now, I need to unpack my suitcase.
Opening my suitcase I take everything out of it.
A gun, a knife, rope and poison. My employer told me that I should bring those because we'll never know what happened. I decided to hide all of those objects not wanting anyone to find out.
The poison wasn't hard to hide, since it looked like medicine I put it inside the drawer.
I shoved the knife under my piles of clothes so that no one could see it.
The gun was really hard to hide since it's easy to be seen. I decided to put it under the mattress hoping that a servant doesn't come to make my bed when I'm gone.
And finally the rope, I have to hide it in a place that no one can see and reach it. I placed it on top of the drawer far from the view of people. It's impossible for anyone to see it unless they're standing on the bed or a chair.

William Blore

Something is wrong with Dr Armstrong. Is he an experienced doctor? I want to investigate him but I don't know where he lives .
Oh no! No more internet. Let’s sleep.
Some noise downstairs wakes me up. Is it Dr Edward, rummaging all the cupboards? What is he looking for? Probably alcohol….
Early in the morning, I hear some noise in Edward’s room and the door closing. I can’t see him but I can hear someone going downstairs and the entrance door closing, then a man cycling to the beach. I have found a shortcut yesterday, let's run to the beach and pretend I was there before to watch the sunrise.

Oh!!! But… It is not Edward on the bike, it’s the judge, asking me to go snorkelling with him to see the reef sharks!!!

I don't really want to come and see reef sharks with you, Mr. Lawrence Wargrave. My mask lets the water in and I can't see how deep I am and maybe I might even die. My mask is too small and the tube I use to breathe doesn't work very well and sometimes doesn't let me breathe well. If the tube has that problem I could hyperventilate and for sure I'll die. I am also afraid of reef sharks and deep blue. In case they attack me I would be really shocked. Swimming off the island is also very scary as you could get caught in a strong current and risk getting lost in the open sea without the ability to swim back. I prefer to walk on the beach, hear the sound of the waves and above all get my feet dirty with the sand. I also have an important business meeting that day.

Emily and Clara Brent

One month later

*gets pregnancy test* *tries it and waits for results*
I look at it showing positive as I cry...I put the pregnancy test in my jacket and go to school.
Mom: *goes in my room, sees my jacket *
“Oh, I forgot to put the jacket in the washing machine!
*picks jacket and searches in pockets to see if there is nothing* *feel something in the pocket, takes it out and see a pregnancy test *
“ That brat is pregnant ?!
She better not be..”

“I’m killing that brat, this is my last straw …. “
-waits for me to get home-
-heads door open-
Me: *puts bag on floor*
Me : “Mom, I’m home!”
Me: mind: “I hope that mom didn’t find the test… “
*walks to my room* *sees mom on my bed holding my sweatshirt*
My heart starts racing as I look at my mom -
Mom: I found out your little secret brat..

mom: go to hell brat..
Go die... you useless brat..

*lays on bed and cries myself to sleep*
*middle of the night, gets knife and cuts*
stares at my wrist

Mind: what did I do wrong…?

Isaac Morris

Walking toward the bathroom with a towel and some clothes in hand, what was my surprise when I noticed a small note on the toilet seat.
I was at first confused about a note suddenly out of nowhere and a little bit disgusted. But i decided to take the note and read it anyway.
The message on the note was pretty simple
Your first target is Dr Edward George Armstrong.
Reading the note I thought of many ways to end this man's life and difficulties I might meet.
I decided to not think about it for now and just move on.
---Night Time---
"A sound, it comes from downstairs" I thought.
I was silently doing my things in my room until a sound caught my attention. Sounded like some cabinets getting open and closed.
Since I didn't have anything better to do I decided to go investigate where that strange sound came from.
Slowly walking out of the room I decided to take a small peak downstairs. It was Dr Armstrong, he was rummaging through the cupboard in search(?) of something.
I observed him for a moment without him seeing, hidden under the shadow of the night.
"Dr Armstrong looks like an alcoholic man", I told myself. "Maybe I can try to pour some poison in his drink?" "Yes, that's what i'm going to do." I thought, smirking.
I took one last glance at Dr Armstrong before walking toward my room.

Thomas Mirage Williams

I didn’t know where I was. My head hurt. Was that a gleam of light in the distance?
I was walking down the way to the light when I heard a voice. I asked who it was but no one responded. The voice was telling every single thing that I did bad, all my crimes. The voice first said....

He threatened me that if I didn't admit my faults, he was going to denounce me. He also said that he knew me by heart, all my crimes and my faults .... I asked him once again who he was but nobody answered. I was so confused, do I confess ? But the problem is I don’t know if I can believe this guy? Will he denounce me ? I let the fear go and I told him the truth. I started telling him why I would do that. I didn't regret what I did. William deserved it. I was the judge at his trial and he was set free but he has killed a patient doing a surgery as he was drunk. I was trying to make him regret this. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as I had in mind. And about the story where I killed a guilty man, I was very angry about this case. He was wrong but managed to escape. I shouldn’t have killed him but I really couldn’t stand to let the man escape, and I had this voice in my head telling me to kill people because I .. I really like to see people suffer and be killed… But I was wrong about bringing the man to death…

« I know everything about you…. You love to kill people, I can give you many exemple… One time, you failed to convict a guilty man and that you found a way to kill him. Oh and I forgot to tell you about how you wanted to kill William by drowning him. And if you want to know more, just let me know, I have plenty of stories about you…. »

William Blore

Well, okay, I’ll go snorkeling for a few minutes and go back to the beach as soon as possible.

My left leg hurts. Where am I? It could be a cave...
It was cold and dark, I got out of the cave seeing what could be another island. I knew that because on the island I stayed with, there was a small volcano on the island. I tried to sit down on this rock, I saw blood coming down my left leg, as I walked I started to limb even more, I tried to find a stick long enough and strong I could use it for my left leg. I had to take care of my left leg, so i looked around of my surrounding and I was on a beach, so I removed any clothing or debris on the wound, that wouldn't make it infected, I layed down and thought about what I should do next, build a boat to get to the island. I remember I had a bag full of equipment. I remember that I have a walkie-talkie in my bag to contact the owner of the hotel. I grabbed it and tried to speak but no one heard me. So I was planning to stay on this island until my leg stopped bleeding, and slowly build a safe boat for a 2 km ride on the boat.

Isaac Morris

Next Morning
I woke up with a pain in the back and some eyebag. Lazily, I hopped off my bed and walk toward the bathroom to do my morning routine. After that I led myself downstairs. Walking down the stairs, I noticed that the manor was pretty quiet and no one was there.
I walked inside the kitchen and the same there. No one, I believe some people were still asleep or were just outside doing whatever.

Not thinking much about it, I prepared myself some breakfast. After having breakfast, I put my plate in the sink and searched the trash for an empty bottle of alcohol.

After finding one, I walked toward my bedroom and took the poison out of the counter and poured some poison in the empty alcohol bottle.
If a normal person ever sees this bottle, they'll mostly think it's a bottle full of alcohol.

William Blore

That night, I heard a voice coming into the cave. I came closer slowly and slowly when I heard it clearly it was like something I heard in my childhood. I had a flashlight in my bag, I turned on my flashlight and I saw nothing. But I heard a noise that scared me in my childhood, and I thought, it could be the water inside the water that could make those noises. So I came out of the cave, nothing to worry about. Then I heard a loud scream coming from the cave, I came back to the cave, and nothing was there. I thought maybe it could be far from the cave. I was very tired also since it was night time, and I didn't want to be scared of the noises in the cave, so I tried to go further to get to the beach because I needed a rest and energy, to make the boat go to another island.

Emily and Clara Brent

-The next morning-
Mom : goes in her daughter’s room
*looks at Clara dead*
Finally that brat is dead…
I'll still call the police so that they don't get suspicious!
-calls the police and starts fake crying-
Police: -answers-
Mom : hello, please help my daughter, she has cut her wrists!!!
Police: Alright, stay on the phone so we can track the call.
*tracks phone*
Police : - arrives at the house-
- searches around my room-
Police : well she killed herself. that’s sure
Police : Mam, do you know why she killed herself?
Mom : N-no sir…
Police : There should be a reason..
Mind: this lady is acting up. It's weird she doesn’t know anything about her daughter's suicide…
Police : thank you for your patience mam, we will be going now if we find more info about this situation we'll give you a call…
Police - leaves house -
Mom : Starts laughing and looks out of the window.

Thomas Mirage Williams

I was mad with rage! I didn’t want to do anything he said! I started shouting that I refused to do what he asked me to. All the people that I hurt deserved it and I love watching them suffering. It's like a pleasure. A hobby. And I don’t regret it at all. It makes me relax to see someone suffering. And to all the people that I hurt, I would love to start over and over. It is fair that they are tortured. I got this habit from my mom. When I was little, she would always torture the people who were mean or didn’t do what I wanted. For example, my mom killed my own nanny, because she wouldn’t give me the candy I asked for, so she paid for it. My mom killed her. Another day, I went to school, and in the recess, my “friend” Tony didn’t want to give me his new watch that her mom just bought for him. I talked about this when I was back home, and the next day, Tony had disappeared …

Every morning, I was eating my cereal with Tony as he was watching me from the milk carton. That was something I was very proud of every morning.

The voice told me:

What happens next?

an awful end

An awful end...

To kill is to dominate your victim and I love that feeling. There is always that spark that goes out that I watch dying with relish. The last breath, the last thrill that I love madly. I'm going to show him, to this guy who likes to pretend to know everything about me without even daring to show himself. Coming out of the cave it was as if a new sense had been given to me. I felt life, everywhere it quivered around me. My first victim was a crab. I first put my fingers in his body and I watched him go very far, somewhere else, an unknown place where I sent a lot of worms in the past. I spotted a nest further away with three baby birds inside. I had to break the back of the neck of the first one and I can't remember very well what I did to the other two. I think at that precise moment I was no longer me. I was just a mind plunged into madness. I put my hand to my throat because my new sense told me that there was only one spark left in the area. But I didn't feel anything else, I was able to see nothing and everything at the same time. I saw beyond reason and suddenly I no longer saw anything.

blood will out

The voice didn’t stop repeating every sin Thomas committed, he couldn’t bear it anymore. His hand on his ears trying to muffle out the sound reciting his crimes like a poem, gritting his teeth Thomas couldn’t hold it anymore

“Enough! Enough I said!” At that the voice stopped, Thomas slowly uncovered his ears and started sobbing.

He couldn’t hold it anymore and started crying, while hiccuping he said “I...I regret it..” falling to his knee the voice that was until now silent said

“Good, you’re free now” At these words everything became dark.

When Thomas opened his eyes he was met with the air and the sight of the sea, he was on a boat. Breathing a big chunk of air he slowly smiled as the boat brought him back to the city.

A few years later

A small boy was playing in his room, he was pretty tall for his age and had black glasses. The boy's hand slowly went toward a squirrel and took it in his hand. He patted the small squirrel and grasped it’s neck and slowly tightened his hand, watching the squirrel squirm and grasping for life was fun to him.

The child hand slowly poked the now dead squirrel with his finger, grasping their eyeball he slowly pulled them out until

"Big brother! Mommy said it’s dinner time!” A little younger than the boy entered the room, “And she also said to wash your hand everytime you dissect a squirrel!” At these words the girl then rushed back to where was supposed to be the kitchen.

The boy sighed and went to the kitchen and saw a woman who was supposed to be his mom,

“Moooommmm, what are we eating today?” the little boy asked.

“Well since last time there were still leftoversI decided to make some worms again.” The woman responded and smiled.

At these word the boy face grew annoyed, “Agaiiin???” he said and grumbled while his sister screamed out of happiness in the background.

The woman chuckled at her son until she was interrupted by someone,

"I'm home!" A man wearing black glasses and blue polo with a bag of golf on his back entered the house.

"Thomas! You're back, I made some worms for you! Your favorite!" The woman smiled and went toward her husband to greet him.

"Hmm, it smells delicious as always dear. But look what I brought for a side dish!" At these words the man took out from his bag a white rabbit covered in blood, it was hanging as the man grasped it by its ears. It's stomach torn and small cute fluffy tail was replaced by a gaping hole full of blood leaking out, the dead rabbit has indeed suffered before dying.

Thomas smiled and went toward the pot full of worms and placed the rabbit inside of the hot boiling water.


Being free when you are really mean or dangerous can’t happen. When someone does something wrong or really bad, he needs to have a punishment. Thomas Mirage Williams will go to Redemption! He’ll have the possibility to stay or not. It will depend on his behaviour. He could finally open his own golf. But for this, he needs good behaviour. He’ll have Redemption for now!

no way !

"I leave you the choice between two possibilities, the first one you will have to write your full confession and say whether you feel remorseful. Or you have to record yourself saying you are sorry and begging for mercy. I now let you choose.”

I didn’t want to write or record any confession, why would I even have to ! Who does he think he is to impose on me what to do ! And even if I did any of that, what tells me that I would be free, I can get off that stupid island myself. I started to shout, saying that I refuse to do what he says. I shouted more and more until my lungs and throat were on fire and I could see black dots appear in front of my eyes and then I black out.

I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder, my throat still burning from the shoutings. I stood up, went to the entrance of the cave and created a hollow with both hands to collect rain water and then drink it. I sat down, my back against the wall and started thinking of a way to escape this island. Few minutes later, the rain stopped and I could smell the wet grass and the mud and that's when it hit me, mud equals worms and these ones are man-eaters...

Isaac Morris

Happy with my plan, I decided to go for a walk to change my mind from only thinking about poisoning Dr Edward. On my way I could see mister William from afar, he acted suspicious.
It looked like mister William was hiding and running from something, having nothing else to do I decided to stalk him like the stalker I am.
Following mister William led me to the beach, was he going for a swim? That wouldn't make any sense, why would he hide and run away just to go swimming. Until not far from him I saw the judge, what was he doing there?
Finding it really weird, I decided to hide somewhere and spy on them. Sadly I couldn't hear them from where I am but I could see that the judge was surprised by mister William's appearance. Why? They chatted for a while and decided to go…. Snorkeling?!
"Is this why William was hiding?! Just to go snorkeling?!" After Insulting William in my mind for 3 minute, until I realized they still didn't come out of the water… WHAT.
Suddenly, OUT Of NOWHERE!! General John came into my view, he was dragging William and the judge toward what seemed to be a bunker!
I was shocked,
First, how could an old man drag two people.
Second, why didn't William or the judge do anything?! Yes, they were being dragged but not dead! They could have fought back!
General John then locked the bunker and left. While I was still in my hiding spot, standing in shock about what happened…

William Blore

The voice told me all of my regrets and the worst things I've done in my life, I stole 10 candy bars from a small shop when I was 10, ripping 10 pages of books for small kids, party pooped my best friends party,etc,etc. their telling me to confess and atone my regrets of my past so then I could get a redemption. I don't even know what is redeeming myself or what is a redemption, I am a little scared of what the word redemption means.
“William, now confess and atone for your sins”
After hearing that, I was surprised and confused. Who was the voice? I turned on my flashlight again to see what was hiding inside of the cave but there was no one.

I really hate the voice, I can't get it out of my head, I think the only way I could get it out of my head is to confess. I’m sorry for being accused of falsifying his testimony in court for a bribe from a dangerous criminal gang, which resulted in an innocent man, James Landor, being convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Landor, who had a wife and 14 year old child, died.

Does William Blore deserve Redemption?



I didn't redeem myself and I'm still on the island, thinking about escaping this island, making myself a boat to go to the nearest island, and contacting the outsiders so then I will go somewhere else. A better place, more isolated, like prison...

I have finally done it, I got my redemption and I escape, I’d really want to start a new life. I used to be unscrupulous and corrupt, and I really regret it. From my memories on the island it was terrible. Hearing the voices in that cave creeped me out, and I did not like Mr. Thomas Mirage Williams. At least he's still on the island, but I will visit the island one day.

Isaac Morris

"Did I witness a kidnapping..?" Leg shaking I slowly approached the bunker to take a look. It was old, at least a bunker dating back to WWII.
Still in shock I slowly walked back to the mansion, my feet began to walk faster until I started to run in the mansion. Inside the mansion I messily walked up the stairs and quickly sprinted inside my room.
Arriving at my room, my hair was messy, I was sweating a lot. I took time to breathe and calm myself, sitting one my bed I thought "That General, I should probably stay away from him as much as possible".

Trapped in a cave

I couldn't feel my bed anymore, instead of a soft cushion I was met with hard rock. When I tried opening my eyes I couldn't feel the sun burning into them, well lucky me but also where am I? There was a faint taint of light coming through a hole I used this opportunity to better look at my surrounding area. Well that didn't help much since it's a dark cave, how did I come here? Not gonna lie, respect to the person that was able to lift me.
Taking out my phone I tried to call for some help but it had no signal and no wifi. I tried to send a message but it didn't work, nothing worked.
I tried searching the cave for a way to go out or at least anything that could tell me why I was here, it must have taken hours because the small hole in which the light went through disappeared. That's when i cracked, I fell on the floor and started trembling, I could feel tears of frustration starting to fall until "Do you regret it?" A sharp voice suddenly said.

Emily and Clara Brent

And then there were eight.

I remember when I was a child that no matter where I went, I always had my bible in my bag. At school, people respected me and never bothered me. I was well respected but I still sometimes broke the rules...I didn't have many friends, but my most beloved one was always by my side.

I find myself needing a drink, the trip must have worn me out. I go down stairs looking for something nice and refreshing. In the kitchen, I see one of the cabinets cracked open, which sparks my curiosity. Inside, I find a bottle and decide that I might as well take it up to my room with me. As I taste it, the taste isn't the same as usual, a weird tangy taste that lingers on my tongue.

Isaac Morris

Did I hear that correctly? Was there someone really talking to me or am I just going crazy?! "To make people die and force them into their misery" the same voice again said it but with more force. So I wasn't dreaming! I was trembling and my eyes started to widen at what that person said. Forcing people, making them die? What does he mean, regret it ? No, I totally know what they meant, but all these victims died because they were too dumb, too stupid "Wrong, we all know you're the cause of all their death. You killed people for money, forced them into drugs for money. Do you absolutely not feel guilty? "
My hand started to shake terribly and my eyes watered more, no I didn't kill them, it wasn't my fault, they died out of their own stupidity, I'm much more intelligent. Scratching my hand I decided to speak up, "What do you know about me, what do you want from me..?" I said The voice chuckled and started speaking, "I know everything about you Isaac Morris, an extremely good lawyer but incredibly greedy. You'd do anything for money, that's what disgust me." The voice paused for a moment and then said "Listen to me Morris, if you stay in this cave you will die from starvation or from the cold. I am the only one here that knows the way out and I'll tell you once you've paid for your sin" the voice said coldly, as if it wasn't cold enough in this cave. "Then what should I do to repay my sin?!" I shouted "Simple, I leave you with 2 choices:
1 write on a paper your full confession about if you feel remorseful or
2, record yourself begging for mercy. "



Taking out my phone I pressed on the recording application and started to record myself,

"Please I beg you let me free, I feel sinful of my action, please forgive, please let me free.." I begged over and over till the voice told me to stop.

"Good, you have done what I told you to do. You're now free, may this serve you as a lesson. "

Before I could do anything the cave suddenly disappeared, I am now inside my room on my bed in the mansion. All my baggage are in front of me packed, one servant entered my room and told me

"The boat is ready to bring you back"

Not saying anything I took my baggage and went toward the boat, entering it I could feel myself going further away from the island.

Suddenly I couldn't control myself and chuckled, does that man really think I would stop killing people? Feeling amused I let myself fall asleep, the air hitting my face made me fall into the world of slumber.

I hurriedly took out my phone and went into the note app to write all my actions and crimes of the past, despite that I didn't feel guilty or remorseful. On the contrary I felt proud and happy. I wrote how I was regretting my actions but inside I didn't care at all.

"I'm done, I did what you said please let me go" I said faking my cries of guilt, waiting for the voice to reply.

"Haha, you really think I believe those fake acts and tears?" My eyes widened and my fake tears started to become real. "Despite your writing you didn't feel any remorse or guilt, for that I will let you imprisoned on this island with no way of leaving. "

Before I could say anything I suddenly woke up on an island, I stood up and ran around the island searching for any sign of humans but there were none.

Frustrated, my hand trembled and my teeth started shaking, a bird nearby approached me and sat on top of my head.

I suddenly felt calm, was the bird comforting me? Well it didn't help so I took the bird in my hand, put pressure on it as it was squirming trying to be free. Feeling more annoyed I put more pressure on it and it started chirping in pain, I then slowly put it's head toward my mouth and put pressure on my teeth to tear it's head apart.

I smiled and spit out it's head, maybe I'll like it here.

Part 2

Dr. Edward George Armstrong
John Owen

Thomas Rogers
Ethel Rogers

Dr George Edward Armstrong

John Owen

Name: John
Family Name: OWEN
Sexe: Male
born: 08/07/2001
Place of birth: Unknown, Alaska
Death: -
Place of death: -

08/07/2001: was Born a child called John, but his mother died after some seconds because of the Birth.

09/07/2011: At 10, his father started to train his son to shoot and to be patient, he got his first rifle; a mosin-nagant 1814 [7.62 mm] as for his present the day after John’s birthday.

27/11/2013 - 14/04/2014: his father has gone to war and lost his life, Owen was depressed for 3 month, after his grandfather brought him to the training place, John felt that he must avenge his father.

15/05/2021 - 25/05/2021: After long days of training for being hired as a hitman, he got his job for being a hitman. And got a codename as “Killer”


Thomas Rogers

He is tall and black haired , he has dark brown eyes and he rarely smiles.
He likes long walks in the mountains. He adores challenging environment and nature difficulties. By profession, he is a passionate cook.
Thomas Rogers is British by nationality, but his great grand father comes from Spain . Therefore, he inherited dark look . He met his wife Ethel in northern Ireland where she worked at the restaurant . He felt in love with red hair woman , as she seemed extravagant and surprising . After 1 year they married and moved to Bali where they work in the restaurant industry.
Thomas’s parents died in retirement house soon after they moved to Bali. His wife is now his only trustful person and partner for life.
Thomas is a very practical person . He likes money and he looks for opportunities to become rich to open his own restaurant.

He is very quiet, although you never know what is on his mind.

Intelligent ,well intentioned , but impulsive . Easily fires up for dispute .

Ethel Rogers

Slender and rather tall woman.
She has red hair and blue eyes.
With an elegant style.

She loves reading. Ethel knows a lot of things because of the books she reads.
She also believes that spirits exist.

She appreciates handling weapons like guns, double barrel rifles and knives.

  • Aggressive
  • Intelligent
  • cunning
  • unbridled

Ethel is Irish. Her father died shortly after her birth, killed by the father of her mother.

Ethel's mother left to take refuge in London with the relatives of Ethel's father who appreciated them.

Ethel's mother later died of heart failure in the middle of the street while she went to buy food.

This day Ethel swore revenge and killed all descendants of William's family, her mother's family.

Goal: get rid of her husband and the old woman.

I regretfully started drinking at a young age, got trapped in the horrors of peer pressure. And then, it became a habit. It would always start with small thoughts such as “just one small drink can’t hurt me” but before I knew it I had drunk six large bottles and blacked out on my living room couch. It was a way to pass the pain I guess, to stop myself from thinking about her*. But to be very honest, it wasn’t that effective. She would show up in my dreams, I would wake up in the middle of the night and she would be there again, I would walk home from work and it felt like she was at every corner of every street. I know that it’s just an illusion, I’m aware, you don’t have to remind me, but at times it just feels so real… So I go right back to drinking, because then at least, even if it’s just temporary, she leaves me alone.


Dr. Edward George Armstrong


I’m on the boat. I can see Sumba Island. This bird shaped island is large, very green with a large white sand beach. The island is exotic. All these colors, these animal sounds, this island is truly incredible. There is a forest of palm trees and tropical trees. There are lots of multicolored birds: big ones, blue with a little yellow at eye level, others with red feathers and white wings. Smaller ones are in a group and sing without stopping. They are less colorful than the others but I find them really beautiful. There is one bird in particular that interests me. It is taller than the others, white with a large cone-shaped beak. He has a kind of puff over his head, which gives him a funny air but at the same time, he is so magical and gives the impression of being the king of the island. This island is really beautiful but there is this atmosphere, I am not very reassured at the idea of ​​going to this island ... I do not know why.
On the beach, there is a man with his back to me. I think it's the judge. The boat is about to dock and I can better see who it is. Indeed, I had understood well.

I’m walking on the beach. The sand is hot under my feet.

The island is actually very calm, it's quite surprising because I had the impression that the birds were making so much noise from the boat !
I walk slowly, my luggage slows me down. That's it, I see a house and people.
I can see the judge cycling and a policeman. A policeman on an island like this? In the middle of nowhere? I find it a little weird but after all maybe he's just there to watch.

John Owen

28/06/2021: He got first operation in Indonesia, and it’s called {Operation Dead-Guests}, he’s among the guests, but no one knows that he’s a hitman to eliminate them. two of the guests was important for John, the first is Anthony Martson and he has 3 plans:
Plan A: Buy a Barrett M99 50 BMG , to explode his car while he's in the car. He knows that his work place is in the south of Bogor, so I can shoot at his car. If he knows my location I’ll need to run back to my car and chase the car and park next to his car, and wait for him to go in his car. And take him, to make him talk.
Plan B: Prepare a team to kidnap the target, will a black van; I’ll need 2 undercovered guys,1 hacker, and 1 spotter, me and the other guy will infiltrate by the sewer and one of the guard will open the sewer with a sewer key, he will give us two silenced pistol with subsonic ammunition, the hacker will hack the camera system and the lights in security and lock the door since it’s an digital key and she may put a gaz, the spotter will tell where is the enemy and the guard of my target, we will eliminate and track the guard to poisonous trap. The hacker will lock the door after we put the gas in the room.
But his top priority was William Blore. who’s a former police officer. He felt that Killer is mischievous for the guests, and Killer knows that every 9th November,Blore visits some of his comrades in France. Killer has been spying on him for 3 days already, Owen knows where he lives, knows what church he goes to. But Owen remembers that he must not pour blood in the church, so he plans to kill him at a grave on the 9th November at Acheux British Cemetery.

Thomas Rogers

I am Thomas Rogers, and Ethel is my wife. We both were employees in a restaurant, very polite with everyone, bringing food , drinks and all this stuff .

Ms. Brady, who used to be a chef and owned a very famous gastronomic establishment, ate at our restaurant once a week. She noticed that Ethel and I worked very well, that's why she told her manager to hire us for her own restaurant and double our two wages.
One day, Ms. Brady invited us over to her house for dinner, to learn more about us. This is how it all started…

Ethel Rogers

The last week has been really tiring…
All the preparations for the arrival of the guests on the island. But the very morning of the arrival of the guests, my husband and I were still not ready.
In addition there was the old woman who had to be left to die. We could hear her screaming, asking for her medicine.
It might hurt some persons but we knew she was an arrogant and tyrannical old lady.
We didn't need her before and after the guests arrived.
Monday was entirely devoted to preparing all the rooms. Then, we had to change the candles and dust all over the house.
Tuesday was like all the other days. Yesterday was unbearable because of one individual. We decided to get rid of them.

When the old lady asked for her medicine no one went up to give it to her.
Wednesday must have been a quiet day, but the cries of the grandmother filled the whole house. We washed all the tiles and stained glass.
On Wednesday, the old woman had stopped screaming and so we had to throw her in the deepest place of water around the island.
Thursday was a day of rest.
On Friday while my husband was cleaning the pontoon which is used for the boat, I was cleaning the room of the '' deceased '' old lady.
On Saturday morning, my husband did not stop driving me nuts as he kept saying that we were not ready and that we had to hurry to finish the cooking. They should arrive in the evening.

Dr Edward George Armstrong

I can’t sleep, every toss and turn reminds me of her again. The bright red numbers shine on the digital alarm clock, 3:00 a.m. I feel sick, I can’t resist it any longer, I long for the way drinking made me feel and forget... I get out of bed and creep down the stairs, trying my best to not make any of the steps creek. I open every cupboard door, looking for at least just one sip. And at last, in the kitchen I find it.
This bottle somehow feels like my savior. After I take my first sip I realise how stupid of a descison this is, I had finally come 5 months clean, and there I was, standing in the small, cramped kitchen drinking again. But William felt so mysterious and suspicious, as if he knew about her. And just like that, all the memories came flooding back in, and it felt as if she was haunting me again. So without a thought I take another sip, and another, until somehow the bottle is empty. I’m annoyed, I want more of this sweet and strong nectar that magically makes my problems disappear.
I go and forage for more, but I seem to have already inspected every single place a bottle could possibly be stored. This makes me irritated, I feel like I’m about to burst, I want to scream my anger out loud, I- I stop myself. There, right under the big and somewhat majestic stairs there seems to be something, sorry someone, moving.


I've been on this island for a long time now and have noticed that people here are suspicious. They act strangely, as if they are afraid of something, that they are trying to hide something. I don't want to get to know them. To tell the truth, they scare me a little. I'm the only young woman here! It's dangerous for a single girl to stay on an island with strange people. I stand aside and it suits me very well. I’ve always loved solitude.

Anyway, since the time I entered the mysterious cave, nothing extraordinary has happened. But I feel in me this desire to go and see this cave more closely, to know more about the blood that there was. I look at my feet. At the same time, I feel like I shouldn't be going. There's this thing that tells you "don't go". But I'm going to go anyway. I want to know why this cave matters so much and scares me at the same time.
So I get up, go to the famous cave. It's hot but I feel the air inside is humid and cool. I enter.

Thomas Rogers

Thomas Rogers: Hello Mrs Brady , how are you today ? Do you hear me well?
Mrs Brady :hmm… who are you , young man?
Thomas Rogers :my name is Thomas! Don’t you remember me ? I work for you , at your restaurant in Jakarta.
Mrs Brady: Ohh where am I…?
Thomas Rogers: We are in Bali…Do you still remember me ?
Mrs Brady: I can’t recognize you right now… very strange.
Thomas Rogers: Well, Mme you hired me six months ago , I am now the chef of your restaurant.
Once you tasted my food at another restaurant , you convinced me to join your team . Does it ring a bell ?
Mrs Brady: ohh , yes I vaguely recall it.
But my dear Thomas , why are we in Bali now ?
Thomas Rogers: very long story but I will tell you short.
Apparently you have lost your memory. So you are the owner of a famous restaurant in Jakarta. But you don’t have any relatives . Thus when you hired me, I became like your son, who took care of you and your business.
But your health is getting worse and you need more support.
Last week, I got a new job offer in Bali, which will help me one day to start my own business. But I could not leave you alone in this condition . That is why I took you with me .
Imagine it is long lasting holidays in Bali! I am happy to be with you .
Mrs Brady: But what happened with my house ?
Thomas Rogers : Ohh no worries! I left a letter to your maid that you are on one month holidays and maybe even longer if your health is not better .
Mrs Brady : And what about my restaurant ?

Thomas Rogers: I have taken care of it. It is in good hands.Trust me as you
have always done. But now the priority is your recovery .


Ethel Rogers

Thomas Rogers : Good morning everyone is all prepared for lunch ?
Ethel: for the moment we are preparing the tables and all this stuff .
Thomas Rogers : oh … Have you already cleaned the rooms ? Are the meals prepared for lunch? People are waiting outside so come on!!
Ethel: Oh… people are waiting already…
They were supposed to be at 11:00 .
Thomas: But they are here and waiting for us so let’s work now!
Thomas Rogers : okay people are coming on the boat , we need to prepare the lunch now or we are gonna be late.

Ten hours later, Ethel and Thomas ended up in the cave where they had left the body:
-Where is the body ? said Thomas Rogers whose voice echoed in the cave.
- I don't know and then why are you telling me that? Is it so that I'm guilty and that you throw me to the police to get rid of me and get all the money we will earn from visitors? said the amplified voice of Ethel Rogers .
-All in all it's a good idea, says Thomas Rogers, the voice always amplified by the echo.
And continuing his sentence he threw himself on Ethel and said these words:
But it's better to kill yourself!
But Ethel, keeping her cool, picked up a stone the size of her hand and brought it to her husband's head.
One minute later she left and left behind her husband's body.

John Owen

While I was walking to go smoking, I saw Ethel walking on her own, so I followed her all the way for the perfect killing.
Anthony is dead, but that woman deserves to die. I have seen her taking away an old woman’s corpse.
Of course I don’t have a suppressed weapon with subsonic ammo nor a rope to choke him. I only had my hands, but the thing is easy, take out the knife from my pocket—, crap I don’t have it, well, I can do it old school, choke her until she's asleep and then crack her neck. I wonder where she is going… now it’s the time. Mission [crack] accomplished.

And then there were seven.

Does Ethel survive?



When Ethel woke up she was paralyzed.

His attacker had aimed at the back of his neck.

But after a while she was able to start moving her legs and arms, then her head and finally her body.

Slowly and with difficulty she managed to turn on her stomach and crawl towards a grove filled with blackberries.

The brambles cut, but she had to be able to catch blackberries to survive.

A lot of time has passed since her assault, maybe a month more, she didn't count anymore but she managed to survive by eating earthworms when there were no more blackberries.

But there it is finally more or less recovered and she succeeds in sneaking in a boat in the direction of Java

There she was hired in airport security for the rest of her life.

She was killed by a terrorist she was trying to arrest on August 18, 2029 at Soekarno-Hatta Airport and was buried as a hero in her homeland: Ireland.

But after a while she was able to start moving her legs and arms, then her head and finally her body.

But before she could do anything with the limbs she had regained the use of, scavenging birds came and slashed her with beaks and talons, sometimes tearing off pieces of flesh.

After a while of trying to fight Ethel fell unconscious again, but this time unconsciousness longer before certain death.

This time she won't wake up ...

Dr Edward George Armstrong

I wake up to what feels like a hammer being hit inside my head. I slowly blink my eyes open, the dim light of the room takes me a moment to adjust too. Where am I? The walls around me are rough, like made of stone, a cave maybe? I’m not sure, and it really doesn't seem to be the main problem after what I notice laying on the floor. There, barely breathing, lies an elderly woman. I bend down to take her pulse, perhaps she’s okay, perhaps it’s just my hangover playing tricks on me. I gently place my fingers on her wrist, “1…. 2…. 3…” a minute passes and her heart rate is incredibly low.
I start to panic, I don’t know what I can do to help this poor woman. My eyes start to scan the room looking for something that could be beneficial, I can’t let someone else die on me like that. And finally I find something, in this seemingly empty room. I stand up to go take a closer look, and there I find three things; a bottle of my favourite whisky (my god, I’ve been craving this for so long), my medicine kit (I thought I left it in my room…), and a note that leaves me shaking. It simply says :

“Think twice” .


I take a few steps and I realize that it is a cave like the others, nothing bad to report. There is no more blood from the last time. In the end, I am more there to pass the time than to discover the depths of the cave.

I jump. A noise. Someone is nearby. Argh, I didn't want to run into someone in such a place. I walk towards the noise to find out who is there. Anyway, there is only one exit so I risk meeting this person in any case.

"Who is here ?" I say out loud.
No answer.
I go on walking in the direction of
the footsteps. I see a man.

I've seen him a few times before,
he works at the hotel and I

don't like him. He's mean and he doesn't like anyone. I think he hits his wife.
"Why are you here?" I say to make conversation.
He does not answer. He looks lost. He seems to be thinking. He doesn't look me in the eye even if I'm right in front of him. Weird. I'm not going to stay there, this guy is creepy!
I walked around him as if nothing had happened when I felt his hand on my shoulder. I emerge. "Don't touch me," I said in a deep voice. He then looks at me with a look that freezes my blood. I'm not moving. I don't know what to do, I'm terrified.

Thomas Rogers

Blurry sounds …., where I am , who I am , why I am?

My eyes opened suddenly, but all I could see was deep darkness.
My fingers were stiff. I tried to sense the ground. It seems I was sleeping on the stone surface because my nails scratched something hard .
I was completely blind or at least I thought that I couldn't see anything, so maybe I have lost my sight?

No, no, no! It is just a temporary issue, I need to get my sight back, I need to get out of this place!

Humid air suggested that I am in the cave. I crawled like a child trying to understand the environment. What is this place? Where could be the exit?

Four meters in front, I finally touched a rocky wall . My legs were fit, so I could stand up. It was a high cave because I could not tough it’s ceiling.
My memory came back .

Dr Edward George Armstrong

I desperately want a sip of the whiskey, it’s my favourite after all, and it’s right there, just waiting for me to drink it. I’m about to unscrew the cap when, out of nowhere, I hear a voice. I turn around, the voice is way too loud and clear to be the old lady’s.
“Hello? Is, is anyone there? Wh-who was that?” I managed to stutter, I won’t lie, fear was starting to grow on me as I realised the whole situation. I was standing in a cave, next to a dying lady, with a note that told me to “think twice”, and a voice coming out of the walls? Three days ago, as I was boarding the small boat to get to this island, I would have never imagined myself in this situation.
“I know exactly what you did and who you are Edward, no need to hide” The voice in the wall states. I stand there, like paralized. “I know a lot of things about you actually. The path you use to get to and from work everyday, your favourite bar, your cat, the type of perfume you apply, how you got that scar on your left knee, when and why you started drinking, how you killed her…” The voice keeps blabbering on but I can’t hear any of it anymore. All I know is that someone else knows about her, and that in itself is worse than anything that could ever happen.
“What do you mean, you know how I killed her? I’ve never killed anyone, I swear” I attempt to lie my way out, hopping maybe, just maybe, the voice in the wall didn’t actually know.
“Is that so? Well that doesn't explain the 3rd of March 2018, now does it?” My mind is spinning, I can’t move, I can’t speak. I’m stuck to the ground with my heart probably beating at 100 miles per hour. I feel like fainting. “I do know of a way that you could get redemption though. I know you want it so desperately…”
“You’re right, I do” I mumble as I stand there defeated.
“Then quickly, go and save this poor woman, then you will have to confess and atone your sins, then only perhaps the past will forgive you…”

John Owen

30/07/2021: while waiting he tried to kill Anthony. The Plan A failed, he forgot that you need 2 50 BMG ammunition to stop a vehicle and it doesn’t explode, but since the Barrett M99 is bolt action and only one ammunition that can go in Chamber/Barrel. So that pissed off John.
31/07/2021: the plan B failed because Anthony was too paranoid to go out to work, he was shocked after what happened to his car and him. At the same time, John knows what to do to make him talk at his house, but bad luck for Killer, he successfully killed the target but he didn’t talk, he was nonchalant for killing Martson’s wife but was morose after killing Athony’s daughter. And then burn the house to hide his identity and traces.
5/11/2021: after 3 months of contacting Delta-5 with Gold to have information about William Blore. And planned to meet Gold at a coffee shop to have the files.
6/11/2021: While John was taking the files, Gold asked him to join Delta-5, John agreed to join Delta-5 but only after killing Blore and getting supplies from them.
9/11/2021: after 2 days of reading the files and preparing his supplies and planning, he is ready to go. The mission was successful but not the escape.

Do you think John Owen deserves Redemption?



The Delta Five had an order to stop cooperating with John Owen, he got information from a friend, so he stayed. 3 years later, a fisherman saw a dead body. Thanks to his teeth, they identified him, his family got the information that he is deceased… or did he?

Since he has done his mission, a Black-hawk from Delta Five came to pick him up and became a new operator, and a new code name “Darkout”
And here’s a message.
- This is Captain Owen, stay sharp on the mission, over and out.

Thomas Rogers

Did I fight with Ethel ? Did I hurt her? Was I angry or agressive ?
But why am I bleeding in my head? I discovered a deep bruise next to my left eye and another bleeding spot on the left side of the head. Blood was already sticky, so I have been sleeping here for a while.

Maybe she wanted to kill me !?
What a discovery!!
My brain was close to the explosion, I suddenly saw images of our conflict, loud shouting and stone in her hand ...
And between all this horror I heard far blurred screams of the old woman, which became stronger and stronger in my mind. “ I know what you did, you killed me you killed me… you are a killer”! Her screams became more and more intrusive.
Suddenly, that girl appears from nowhere. She stares at me. And that old woman keeping screaming...It must stop! Now! I...
I don't know what I did.
And I lost my conscience again.


All of a sudden, he hits me in the head with something he was probably hiding behind his back. I see black, I am on the ground. My head hurts, I'm completely stunned. When I come to my senses, all I see is this man, about to hit me again. After that, nothing.

It's dark, my head hurts and my chest is painful. My eyes are heavy, I slowly open them and wake up in the same place, in this damn cave. I'm trying to remember what's going on. I run my hand over my chest because it hurts a lot. I'm bleeding. A lot. I'm panicking, what can I do? What the hell happened before I collapsed??

And this man ? Why did he do that ? I am scared.

As I walk away, that guy from the hotel is lying on the ground. Dead. What...?

And then there were six.

Dr Edward George Armstrong

And with that the voice stops talking. The cave suddenly feels a bit empty without it, but I have to remind myself to stop thinking about that. I have something very important to do, save the old woman’s life.
I start auscultating her, this would have been so much easier if I was at the hospital with all my proper equipment, but I’ll have to do with what I have in my medicine kit. At some points I feel like the bottle of whiskey in the corner of the room is calling me, summoning me to drink it. But I resist. I try my best to focus every single movement of mine to save the lady.
I’m almost done, just one more step and… The old lady starts coughing, and her eyes slowly open.

Dr George Edward Armstrong

She then lays there, staring at me with utter confusion.
“The lord has come to save me after all” She gasps. Now it’s my turn to sit there confused.
“The lord? Uuuhh, excuse me mam, I think there might be a-” She cuts me off before I can say anything else.

“Will you forgive me? I didn’t mean to kill him, but please I don’t want to go to hell, it was self defence I promise” I just sit there, unable to say anything. She too had killed someone? Was that the particularity of everyone on this island? Was I, in turn, going to start hallucinating the arrival of the lord? No, that was impossible, that was nonsense, I didn’t believe in that sort of stuff anyways. As these thoughts travelled through my head, she just kept staring, like amazed about something, yet there was still a glint of fear in her eyes.

“It’ll be alright, you won't go to hell, I promise…” I say that hoping it would comfort her, because I know that if I were the one hallucinating, I would rather someone tell me I was going to heaven than hell.

Do you think John Owen deserves Redemption?



At that moment I see a door at the end of the cave open. The light comes flooding in, and though my eyes aren’t adjusted to the luminosity yet, I get up and can’t help having a smile on my face.

“I believe you have done well, now go, leave, go home, you are free” the voice in the wall tells me.

“Done well for what? What was this whole island thing about?” I can’t help myself from asking. But of course, the wall being a wall, I don’t get an answer. I help the old lady up from the ground, and together we walk towards the soft, white light.

The old lady and I sit there in silence for a while more. Nothing is happening, yet I had just saved her, just the wall had asked me. Oh yeah, the wall.

“Hey, wall? I did as you asked, she's alive, what happens now?” I can’t help but say, the time in this cave feels like it’s getting longer and longer. Still no response, and the old lady seems to have lied down to take a rest. And then I remember the bottle of my favourite whiskey in the corner of the room. Well I clearly didn’t seem to have anything better to do, so I might as well have a sip.

A sip. That’s what I always say isn’t it? Of course by now, we all know that it’s much more than a sip. And as I finish off the last drop, I see her again. In her white hospital gown, seemingly angrier than usual. I can’t deal with this again, I close my eyes, I try to block her out. But nothing is working, she appears everywhere. And then that’s when I notice the empty bottle in her hand. Was this time different? Was she not just a hallucination? She’s getting closer and closer to me and my only instinct is to curl into a ball for cover as I feel the bottle smash against my skull, the pieces of broken glass rippling against the rest of my body. I taste blood, and my entire body is screaming in agony. Everything starts to become blurry, tears start to fall from my eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, I really am, I didn’t mean for anything to happen, it was a mistake I promise, I sho-” I keep blurting and blurting, but my words don’t feel like they have much sense anymore, as the pain gets worse, my vision darkening, and I start to fall into eternal slumber…


I see with my own eyes the man who tried to kill me lying on the floor. It revives a memory laid buried for many years...

Mum, beaten up by that guy asking me to call him Dad... Mum, screaming ...
The chimney's poker falling on the floor. Blood staining the carpet...

Is it Thomas Rogers?
Or is it my step-father? The one who would hit my mother, the man who mistreated me and convicted me of murder? Of his murder.
He looked so much like Thomas... Could I possibly...?
"I’ve had to kill him twice," I said annoyedly.
Suddenly a voice popped up out of nowhere and told me :

He deserved to die anyway.
The kind of person to kill. Either way, if I hadn't killed him, he would have done something wrong. I saved someone, starting with me.

How does Eiji react?

no regrets


Eiji, confess and atone your regrets about your past so that you can get redemption.

I know what you have done, Eiji.

I know what you did when you were seven. And there you go again!

He is dead. My eyes close and I fall to the ground. I'm crazy. I killed a man. Two in reality. I don't blame myself too much and that's what scared me. I-

"You killed someone else, it's time to confess and atone for your sins"

That voice again. "I will not confess, and I will not expiate my sins, I have no regrets."

The voice fell silent, as if reflecting. I don't know what to think anymore. It's true, I don't regret anything, even if the thought of killing people scares me. And then suddenly the voice says "Alright. You killed bad people and you're not a bad person. So I think we can make an exception. Now go."

Without thinking, I walk towards the beach without any luggage, take a boat that seems to be waiting for me and I leave. Like that.

I mean, it was pretty easy to get off that damn island.

He is dead. My eyes close and I fall to the ground. I'm crazy. I killed a man. Two in reality.

I think back to all that blood when the voice then said: "You killed someone else, it's time to confess and atone for your sins"

Honestly, I think that's the best way to forgive myself for these murders. And if I have to confess, it's for me, so in any case it will make me feel less guilty. "I confessed to two murders: one of my father, who was a horrible man, and one for this man, who looked too much like my progenitor. I regret and atone for my sins."

The voice then said: "We have heard your words and forgive you of your sins. Now go with all the good things you have learned here."

I then left for the beach, for the boat that seemed to be waiting for me, with only the clothes I was wearing for my luggage.

On the way to my city, I felt hope and peace within me.

Get ready to enter a story full of plot twists and suspense , Redemption Island where the worst of humankind goes to be forgiven. In this session, eleven contestants will be invited to the island and there, these criminals will be tested to see if they changed or if they did not….

A book full of twists, turns and suspense that will delight teenagers and parents!