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Have you ever been on a great Adventure? Help me to find a long lost Treasure!





Treasure hunt around the world



Hi, I'm Eric.I'm a backpacker from Australia. I have travelled around the world for many years now, but on my last trip to Iran, an old nomad of the Lurs people called Kaveh told me his family secret! He told me a story of his great-great- grandfather who has hidden a treasure somewhere in Iran. That's what Kameh's mother has told him:


Treasure Hunt around the World



Because Kaveh trusted me and couldn't leave his wife and kids behind, he asked me to find the family treasure. He gave me the map with clues on it. As I can't go on this big adventure alone- I need YOUR help to find Kaveh's family treasure! Are you ready? Let's have a look at the translation of Kaveh's great - great- grandfather's letter and on our MISSION.


Treasure hunt around the world



Hi, I'm Eric,I'm a backpacker from Australia. I have been travelling around the world for many years now, but on my last trip to Iran, an old nomad told me a story, which



Dear great- great grandson,I have never met you- and when you're reading this, I am already dead. I've dug deep down a treasure hole- where you can find- NO- not any gold. My greatest secret's hidden there. No knife, no money or no spear. Find out the place, where it's all hidden. Be wise and brave- cheating's forbidden!Look at the map it will guide you the way- on every place you must prove you are okay! On each place you'll get some numbers you'll need. Take your time- it's not just about speed! Note down everything, that you've found out. Then you will find what I couldn't talk about.Don't forget this and remember it until the end of your journey: 1 is 3 and 5 is 2 so 3 is 1 and 2 is 5 - please take care and stay alive!Love, your great- great grandfather

Destination 01


Destination 02

Destination 04


Destination 03


My name is "Ahnah" which means "wise woman" in Inupiat, an Innuit dialect. Before you get your first mission, you must show me, that you are wise, too! I have a question and a riddle for you! Are you ready?


My question:

What is the capital city of Alaska? Fun fact: You can only reach it by boat or plane.




Nearly 40% of the people in Alaska live in Anchorage - that's about 280.000 people.

Fairbanks is the largest city in the interior region of Alaska. About 30.000 people live here.

Juneau is the second largest city in the USA by area - but only about 30.000 people live here.

My riddle:

Find the password that brings you to your first mission and enter it here:

Well done! You've passed that first test!So here's your first mission!Complete it and you'll get the information you need! It was nice to meet you!

Welcome to the Amazons in Brazil- or in Tupi, one of the many native languages here: "T'ereîukatu!"

I am Jaci and I have waited for you to come here for a long time. Before you'll get your mission, I have a riddle for you to prove me you are worthy.


My riddle for you:

"I have lakes with no water, mountains with no stone and cities with no buildings. What am I?"

If you've found the solution, enter it here to get to your mission :

You are smart and have a good heart, so good luck with your mission and take care!

WELCOME to France! Bienvenue!

I'm Sami and I was born in Paris. I have lived in France for all my life, but my mum and dad were born in Algeria. I know that you are on a treasure hunt. Maybe I can help you! But first you must answer a question ...


Can you complete this sentence?

FRENCH was once the official language of...


the Netherlands


Yes, you are right! French was once the official language of England. Find out more about when and why here...Only watch until 02:48min.

Now I wish you all the best for your third mission! You can do it! Au revoir!

WELCOME TO SUDAN! أهلاً وسهلاً

My name is Asim. This means "protector or guardian". I hope you had a safe trip here. As I protect an important secret, you must pass a test, before I can show you the way to your next mission.


Can you solve this riddle?

If you drop me I’m sure to crack, but give me a smile and I’ll always smile back. What am I?

Enter your solution here (only 1 word)

Well done! Because you are wise, I cangive you tip nr. 4 : .7 Write it down!

Can you complete the sentence?SUDAN IS ...

the true land of the pyramids

the biggest country in Africa

famous for its rainforests

Are you ready for your fourth mission? Good luck and stay safe!

Sudan is the true land of the pyramids! You are right! This is tip nr. 5 for you: 38'. Write it down and don't forget 2=5 and 5=2!

Many people believe that Egypt has the most pyramids in the world. But Sudan has the largest collection of pyramids in one place. They look different than the Egyptian ones. They are built in groups of twelve, are smaller and have much steeper sides. Fun fact: Touirsts may go inside the pyramids of Meroe to see the historic graffiti and hieroglyphics. Photo by Erik Hathaway on Unsplash

WELCOME TO MYANMAR or laisyûn as we say in my language (Kayan). My name is Daw Mu Htan, I am a woman from the Kayan tribe.

I have heard that you are here to find Kameh's great-great grandfather's treasure. I will give you the last two numbers you need- but you must prove to be smart and worthy first.


HIDDEN PROVERB (Sprichwort)Can you read the hidden proverb?

Type in the first part of the proverb here, to get to your final mission!

Well done! This is tip 7 for you: 07.I wish you all the best for your final mission! Stay strong- soon you will find where the treasure is burried!

Here we are! I am proud of us!We have found 8 tips. But what do these numbers mean? I think we should keep in mind that 1= 3 / 3=1 AND 2= 5 / 5=2.

CONGRATULATIONS! Dear great- great-grandson, I'm proud that you have found out about my secret! I couldn't tell anyone about it! It must be just great to live in the future, right ;-)?You can play a bit after this adventure!