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Education of children of special needs

„Zeleno srce“

Pasvalys kindergarTen

Our kindergarten is not specialized, so we only have children with language disorders, learning difficulties due to slow development, attention disorders. Children with these special needs are educated with all our children.

A speech therapist pays special attention to children with special needs in kindergarten. It is a specialist who helps children to eliminate or alleviate existing speech, language and communication disorders with certain special teaching methods.

The outdoor environment influences the development of all areas of the child: physical, social skills, emotional and intellectual, helps to develop children's language. The outdoor is a place where a variety of enticing activities and learning are possible.


Sand stimulates tactile sensations and is ideal for sensorical games.By playing in the sandbox, a child can build, demolish, and rebuild a world that reflects his inner state and experiences.The speech therapist also has sand in his office. Children's favorite game "Animals hidden in the sand". This enriches children's vocabulary with animal names.


Use of natural materials in developing children's creativity.Every year we collect fallen tree leaves, chestnuts, cones, acorns. For children such the search for objects is much more interesting when the child finds the necessary pebble or pine cone himself, together with the help of educators he tries to explore the structure, form and many different things. Various creative tasks, using natural materials, encourage children to concentrate, develop fine motor skills.


Children's learning to know natural phenomena in winter.The enjoyment of playing in the snow is too invaluable for us to give it up. After all, everyone loves snow, throwing snowballs, making snow fortresses, isn't it amazing, is it? When there’s a light cold outside and the sun shining, who doesn’t like it?The educational environment includes the widest possible range of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) tools, and children are invited to experiment and research.


Every year, the children of our kindergarten participate in the republican campaign "DAROM", during which they carefully manage the environment, learn to sort garbage, and appreciate the importance of nature conservation.Children plant trees, sow various vegetables.Growing seedlings enriches children’s vocabulary with their names, develops a cohesive language in terms of how things grow.

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