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  1. "Don't go there". He told us....
    1. not to go there
    2. to go there
    3. didn't go there
    4. that I didn't go there
  2. "Stay with us". He warned me...
    1. to stay with them
    2. stay with them
    3. stayed with them
    4. to stayed with them
  3. "I won't finish it by tomorrow" He said that ...
    1. he wouldn't finish it by the following day
    2. he wouldn't have finished it by tomorrow
    3. he won't finish it by the following day
    4. he wouldn't finished it by the following day
  4. "Where were you yesterday?" He asked ........ the day before
    1. where I had been
    2. where had I been
    3. where I were
    4. where I was
  5. "It often rains in Galicia" He explained that ...
    1. it often rains in Galicia.
    2. it often rained in Galicia.
    3. it often has rained in Galicia.
    4. it often had rained in Galicia.
  6. "I saw her while she was driving". He said that he had seen her while she ...
    1. had been driving
    2. had driven
    3. was driving
    4. is driving
  7. "Will you help me?" He asked ...
    1. if I would help him
    2. if would I help him
    3. if he would help you
    4. if would he help you
  8. "I am going to watch it tonight" She stated that...
    1. she was going to watch it that night
    2. she is going to watch it that night
    3. she was going to watch them tonight
    4. she would watch it tonight
  9. "Did he pass the test?" He asked if ...
    1. he had passed the test
    2. he passed the test
    3. he passes the test
    4. he has passed the test
  10. "Get out of my way" He ______ me to get out of his way
    1. ordered
    2. asked
    3. said
    4. offered

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