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An introdcution to the Teachers' Classroom App from PeacheyPublications Ltd.


The Teachers' Classroom App

Nik Peachey - Pedagogical Director - PeacheyPublications Ltd


Solving problems

Understanding the challenges


How can we design digital materials that save teachers time and deliver an attractive interactive learning experience for students?

Our materials have been designed to work across platforms.

Device friendly

The app has been designed to store all of the materials in one place and make them easy to search and retrieve.

Storage & retrieval

The app has been designed so the teacher can easily access the materials and lesson plans in the classroom and so that students can access digital worksheets on any device.


The teacher can easily share the materials with the students and allow them to interact with the content before, during or after the lesson.


Our solution

How we make life easier for teachers

Teachers' Classroom App

The Netflix of English Language Teaching

A combination of library, teacher development tool and classroom teaching platform.



4 Sections

What's newResourcesVideosToolbox

Video II



Teaching a lesson

This video shows you how to launch a lesson

Digital Toolbox

This video shows the features of the toolbox

4 Apps for Students

The app contains instruction for students to help them install our free student workbook apps on their devices.

Free trial

Try the app for 14 days for free

FREE for 14 Days

Teachers - try the fully loaded & fully functional app.

For Teachers

For Schools

We have a discounted offer for schools

What next

Let us know what you want

Product roadmap

We want to work with our users to discover what works for them and what they need. These are some of the app features we are thinking of developing.



Your resources


Links to blog posts, articles and journals from aroiund the Internet.

Make notes about the resources in a learning journal

A private tab where you can curate your own resources and add links from anywhere on the internet.

A community where you can share ideas with other app users





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