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In Maniowy there is a huge skatepark. You can go there anytime you want.

There's a playground for kids with some attractions.

On this attraction you can climb a rope and ladders.

In sandbox kids can build things from sand. Or throw sand and be dangerous.

In the past there were 3 swings but someone stole it and from this time there were 2 swings.

There are some other things that kids can play with.

Congratulations, you found Easter egg!

People call it "spider" and you can climb or sit on ropes there.

We call it "yellow poles" and you can train your strength and durability there.

This is table tennis table and when there is even a weak wind you can't play table tennis there.

There are several things you can train your strength on. Here are some examples of them.

There are tables to play chess too.

There was an exciting match between chess grandmaster and a random person. I don't know how random person won. Maybe he was a grandmaster too?

People call this "black ramp".

You can for example ride a bike there.

This area is for people that ride bikes and other things, even a motorbike but that isn't allowed.

In this area you can often find pepuś gang that is very dangerous.

This area works like the white thing but it's harder and more dangerous to do something on it.

Near skatepark there is shop called "groszek"

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In this place you can just chill or eat something.