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Letter 1

The Kiddaping

He's gone.

He's gone

Solve the mistery.

You're a detective and the police has a disturbing case of an inteligent criminal who has kidnapped the gray matter's owner's child, he has gone missing, there's 5 suspects.


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Main Suspects

Interrogate them.

Name: Richard Collins Reason for being a suspect: Has a strong hate against the family and has money problems. Profession: Teacher Age: 32 Motive: Hold the family’s child for ransom to get some money.

Name: Skyler White Reason for being a suspect: The family ruined his husband’s life and then lying about him never being part of their business. Profession: Manager of a Car Wash Age: 42 Motive: Killing their son as revenge.

Name: Arthur Walsh Reason for being a suspect: He’s the family’s butler and has been acting up lately. Profession: Butler Motive: The family’s child is extremely disruptive and he hates having to clean up his mess.

Name: Evelyn Cox Reason for being a suspect: Has been catched before running away from a crime, she was close to the home when the crime happened and Evelyn’s height and silhouette are exactly like what the family has described. Profession: No current profession. Age: 48 Motive: Hold the child for ransom.

Name: Cedric Holmes Reason for being a suspect: There are rests of skin under his nails and a bloody bag on his car. Profession: Construction Business Age: 28 Motive: Hold the child for ransom or just kill it for fun.

Hear the interviews. IN ORDER. You'll get some specific numbers you can use as coordinates.

5 by 5, fill it up with the alphabet, follow the numbers in I've left behind.

Go to Grid

Use the coordinates.Use the new hint for the second letter.

Letter 2

Find the name.

You know who II aamm, but you haven't seen me, my name must be rrevealed, iitch, ccar, hhell, aarson, rrap, ddust.

Choose the suspect






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You've picked the wrong person.

You've sentenced the wrong person to death. You feel remorse and end up shooting yourself with your gun.

You've picked the right person.

People rush into Richard's apartment to find him hanging from the ceiling with the kid dead in the floor with a hole through his head.