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Teacher Training Week #1

Welcome Speech Teambuilding Games

Project Presentation General Information

Raising Awareness: Intellectual Outputs

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Escape Room Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

School Presentations:Educational Culture

Assessment for Better Learning




Workshop: Understanding Assessment Data

Nuffic Erasmus+

ETS & Research Team

Evaluation Q&A

Evaluation Q&A

Final Evaluation Kick-off Party

People, Places and Things

PLG Meeting #1

School Presentations: Best Practices

CLPG Meeting #1SGM Meeting

Show Me Your School

Let's Walk Together? - Show us your surroundings!

Kick-off party from 15:00 - 16:00

Cultures, Cliches, and Conversations: Share something cultural, something interesting! - “Share Something Silly & Cultural” - Nothing is more Danish/Finnish than this! Words that exist only in Danish / Finnish / Dutch Learn / Teach one sentence from each language Feel free to share anything that you find interesting about your culture.

Professional Learning Group (PLG) - Teachers who teach at the same grade level across three countries Focus: How do I teach English? Possible Guiding Questions:

  1. What are the most important considerations in planning your English instruction?
  2. What kind of materials do you use for English teaching?
  3. What other resources do you use, beyond the curriculum and teacher edition of a textbook?
  4. What do you expect your student to know at this grade level?
  5. What strategies do you use to check students’ prior knowledge?
  6. What formative assessments do you use most often to identify student needs and toplan your instruction?
  7. How do you differentiate and individualize instruction to meet the specific needs for your students?
  8. Please share the ways you provide students with timely feedback on their learning andgive them opportunities for improvement?
  9. Tell me about your greatest challenges with your students and the strategies you areusing to meet those challenges.
  10. How are you utilizing technology in your English classroom?
  11. Potential collaboration and small-scale project ideas?

School Presentations (7-10 minute for each school): Best Practices in English Language Teaching Each school shares a best practice from their English classes (could be anything - an activity, idea, material, online program, an app)

Continuous Learning Path Group (CLPG) Meeting Participants: Teachers who teach at primary and secondary level in each country Goals:

  • To exchange information about current practices regarding English language teaching
  • To find out about teachers’ experiences of the process of transition in their local contexts and to get their views on what would help schools, teachers, and learners to manage transition more effectively.
Possible Guiding Questions:
  1. How does the English teaching that children experience at the early levels of learning prepare them for later levels of learning English? What do the secondary level teachers think about it?
  1. What are the main teaching and learning issues that primary and secondary teachers perceive about the transition?
  1. What can schools and teachers do to help children who are moving from the primary level to the secondary level?

School Presentations (7-10 min. each)

  • How is your school operated and governed?
  • What is your school philosophy or vision?
  • How do you measure individual achievement and progress?
  • How do you integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?
  • What current trends are baffling to you? Why?
  • What do you see as the role of parents at the school?
  • What extracurricular activities do you offer?
  • How do student’s talents get developed in your school?
  • What is student life like?

Breakout Room Tasks 5 keywords from the part that you have worked on 4 most important things to summarize the part that you have worked on 3 things that you have found really (x10) interesting 2 things that you would like to know more about 1 question that you would like to ask Materials: Project Application Form (It will be shared during the presentation) Group 1: Teacher Training Weeks (p. 107 & p. 116 - 118 & p. 188 - 189) Group 2: Project information (p. 2 - 4 & p. 85 - 92) Group 3: Impact (p. 243 - 248) Group 4: Dissemination (p. 249-255) Group 5: Sustainability (p. 256 - 258) Group 6: Multiplier Events & Special Costs (p. 174 - 178 & p. 40-41)