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The main goal of the Erasmus project, entitled "The Coop-Working Experiment", is for learners to take part in an entrepreneurial experience, either it is a virtual or a real one.

This is why we decided to create our Mini-Company:

We have thoughtof recycling magazinesand allkindsof packaging.

We obtained pieces ofpaper and packagingthat we braided.

Here are some braided bags, cases, pouches for many uses.

Here is how we braid paper to make recycled items.

Our Mini Company is a cooperative business and its aim is to collect some funds foran association.

The funds collected will be donated to Mr. Latz's association in Africa to finance sustainable villages in Congo, by training child soldiers and girl mothers in agroecology. "It is important to emphasize the social and solidarity aspect so as not to remain focused on its navel" (M. latz).

The class of GAmanuallyproduced thesebraided itemsduring the years2019 and 2021.

Here is our pitch in French to describe our experience.

Thank you !

This video presentation was created by Aurélie, Dylan, Hauda and Lina in Raynouard High School.