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The Theft

Mona Lisa



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If you were standing outside the Louvre in Paris on the morning of April, 13th, 1919 you might have noticed a woman hurring out of the museum. Rob Williams saw a woman running away out of the Louvre. At first he didn’t give it importance. After that when he arrived at home he read in the Newspaper that someone had stolen the Mona Lisa. Immediately he went back to the Louvre and he saw the police. He asked the police and they told him that they had seen something in the security cameras and they had five suspects. Rob told them that he had seen a person who was running away from the Louvre. Finally they took him to the police station for questioning.



Suspect 1 - Sandro Kingz

Profession: Tik Toker Motive and reason: Sandro Kinz is very recognized in the world of tik tokers. He has 5 million followers on tik tok and we want to be more famous, to be more famous he should do a video with millions of views. He has always been talking about the Mona Lisa, and in a video he confessed that he would love to have the picture of the Mona Lisa, and also he was there, in Paris.

Suspect 2 - Harry Styles

Profession: Singer Motive and reason: Harry Styles owed a lot of money to some gangsters. Harry bet a lot of money and lost it all. He was doing a tour in Paris, and nobody saw him on the day of the robbery.

Suspect 3 - Jeffer Lopez

Profession: Tik Toker Motive and reason: Jeffer Lopez has always had fewer followers than Sandro. He was following Sandro Kinz, Jeffer Lopez was very envious of Sandro and to make him angry he could have stolen the Mona Lisa. Jeffer knew that Sandro liked it a lot.


Suspect 4 - Chloe Brown

Suspect 5 - Sara Ruiz

Profession: Cleaner of the Louvre Motive and reason: She’s so shy. She has work every day, and she has never been absent except on the day of the robbatory. She is from the family of Leonardo Da Vinci and Chloe has always tried to claim the painting that, as she said, is her property.

Profession: Homeless Motive and reason: She needs money, and she’s desperate. Sara always sleeps near de Louvre. She doesn’t have a ceiling where to sleep. She always has been so grumpy. It’s difficult that she was the one who stole the Mona Lisa but, you never know.



1st Witnesshttps://vocaroo.com/1kOvCjujqtGd 2nd Witnesshttps://voca.ro/16ecOJU52fWl 3rd Witnesshttps://voca.ro/15GnLgESiOzE