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Scheduling and Registration is a highly time consuming task and it plays a major role in patient visits, satisfaction, and retention. Our dedicated team members can help ease your workload, take full responsibility for patient calls, and optimize your number of appointments.•Increase answered call ratio progressively.• Eliminate call overflow to other employees outside the scheduling department.•Reduce voicemail messages to a minimum in all departments.

Professional Reimbursement Managers provides comprehensivecredentialing, enrollment and licensing services to relieve yourpractice of the administrative burden for you or staff. Our team ofexperienced credentialing experts actively manages and navigatescomplex applications, processes and documentation savingphysicians and practice management critical time and costs.

We provide powerful business intelligence and analytics solutions designed for independent and group physician practices.These are critical tools that provide actionable insights to manage and pinpoint financial and operational challenges and opportunities.Benefits include accelerating claim workflow, reducing errors, increasing practice efficiencies and getting you paid faster.•Critical Revenue Cycle Functions.•Practice & Benchmarked Performance.•Interactive Dashboards & Reports.

Often overlooked, payment posting services demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice revenue cycle. Our dedicated team of payment posting specialists, precision workflows and quality control are focused to get your payments posted accurately and as fast as possible.•Insurer ERA Processing & Corrections.• Secondary Insurer Transfer & Patient Balances.•Patient Payments & Statement Services.

Claims denial is a major pain point for all physician practices and time-consuming series of hoops that can result in severe bottlenecks and delays.Our specialized Claims Denial & Appeal Management Team has experience in virtually every major medical specialty to shorten your accounts receivables cycle.•Detailed Knowledge of Insurer Nuances & Roadblocks.•Proactively Manages Denials & Expedites Appeals.•Physician & Client Service Advisor Continuous Improvement.

Charge entry, scrubbing and submission processes play a critical role in expediting claim workflow.Our proprietary claim scrubbing technology verifies the accuracy of coding for every claim submitted, scrubs for missing codes, modifier requirements and other exceptions; and alerts specialists to initiate rapid edits, resubmission and processing.•Highly Automated Workflow.• Customized to Physician & Specialty Requirements.•Advanced QA Processes.

Tired of it all? Our medical coding specialists will do soup to nuts to obtain patient medical records from your practice EHR system via a secure, encrypted cloud connection, review and validate information, assign CPT/ICD codes and optimize your coding to maximize revenues.•Expedite Medical Coding to Charge Entry Process.•Reduce Potential Processing Delays & Denials.•Reduce Administration Time & Costs.

Some physicians believe medical coding is a science itself.We couldn’t agree more. Incorrect coding, missing data or not enough data to support claims can result in denials, processing delays, compliance risk, and significant lost revenue opportunity.Our medical coding consulting services provide:• In-Depth Knowledge of Insurer Plans & Coding.• Optimize Coding to Maximize Revenues.•Claim Audits, Consulting & Training Services.

Prior Authorization is the painful, time-consuming process requiring physicians to jump through administrative hoops to get insurers’ green light.Our dedicated team of specialists operate as an extended member of your practice staff with a guaranteed 24 hours or less or real-time turnaround.•Detailed Knowledge of Insurer Plans & Nuances.• Fast Insurance Clearances = Patient Satisfaction.•Reduce Administrative Costs & Time.

As insurer plans and associated fee schedules continue to becomeincreasingly complex, our experts optimize your practice revenuesand operations with detailed and accurate patient insurer planeligibility and verification.•Copays, Coinsurance, Deductibles, Services.• Streamline Practice Operations & Reduce Errors.•Seamless 24 Hours or Less & Real-Time Services.