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Este mapa interactivo muestra datos curiosos de animales.


- According to the average, giraffes sleep between 2 - 4.6 hours a day.- However, adult giraffes sleeps for only 7 minutes a day and do so on it's feet.- The Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.- Giraffes are social animals.(Jaime Barras, 1ºC) (Marta Domínguez, 1ºC) (Beltrán Fernández, 1ºD) (Ander Martínez, 1ºC) (Cristina Durán, 1ºD) (Lara Fabuel, 1ºD) (Andrea Vinagre, 1ºC)

- The tongue of a blue whale weighs more than an adult and is heavier than an elephant.- She can kill you with one lick.- An adult blue whale should eat 3.5 tons of food a day.- Blue whales can't dive more than 20 minutes.- The heart of a blue whale weighs 200 kg.(Jaime Barras, 1ºC) (Beltrán Fernández, 1ºD) (Elena Bravo, 1ºC) (Delia García, 1ºD) (Rocío Sellers, 1ºC) (Antonio López, 1ºD) (Rodrigo Tovar, 1ºC)

- Marten has a white or orange triangle mark on its throat. - They must be dangerous to hunt their preys.- They have an excellent sense of smell, sight and hearing. (Carmen Gragera, 1ºD)

- Skunks have a characteristic odoor to sleep their food. -This odor sleeps their food (prey) while they are hidden.- They throw a liquid in situations when they feel insecure. (Telma Santano, 1ºD)

- Koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day. - They are born with about 2 centimeters in size. - Koalas are quite introverted animals.(Sara Cano, 1ºC) (Ander Martínez, 1ºC) (Amir Arias, 1ºC) (Manuel Cebriá, 1ºC)

Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world. (Marta Domínguez, 1ºC)

RAT:A rat can live more days without drinking than a camel. (Manuel Cebriá, 1ºC)DOGS:Dogs can detect cancer. (Sara Hernández, 1ºD)BUTTERFLIES:Butterflies have a sense of taste in their paws. (Amir-David Arias, 1ºC)FROGS:Frogs have one of the best visions in the world. (Beltrán Fernández, 1ºD)MOSQUITO: Mosquitoes have 47 teeth. (Beltrán Fernández, 1ºD)STARFISH:Starfish don't have blood, they pump salt. (Martina Ginés, 1ºD) COCKROACH:A cockroach can live for 3 days to two weeks wihtout head. (Antonio López, 1ºD) (Sergio Lucas, 1ºD)TARDIGRADE:The tardigrade is indestructible. It can live 3 days in space, 2 years in a temperature of almost 200 degrees, and survive a nuclear bomb of 120 kilotons! (Sergio Lucas, 1ºD)ANTS:- Ants can take 50 to 100 times its weight. - Fire Ants can build boats with their bodies to transport the queen in case of flooding. - Legionary Ants can eat over 100.000 animals a day. - Ants can live two weeks under the water. - There are 1 million ants per human in the world. (Zakaria Awad, 1ºC) (Nacho Criado, 1ºC) (Bosco Manuel Chacón, 1ºC) (Elsa Toro, 1ºC) (Sara Hernández, 1ºD) (Carmen Lozano, 1ºD)FALCON PEREGRINE:The Falcon Peregrine can fly up to 300 km/h (Bosco Manuel Chacón, 1ºC)BASILISK:The Basilisk can run on the water. They can do that thanks to their low weight and their speed. (Nacho Criado, 1ºC)

The Blue Rings Octopus is one of the most poisonous animal in the world. (Bosco Manuel Chacón, 1ºC)

- The Box Jellyfish is the most poisonous animal in the world. (Bosco Manuel, 1ºC)- One type of Jellyfish is inmortal. (Carmen Lozano, 1ºD)

- The crocodile eats huge stones to dive. - Rocks in crocodiles' stomatch help them crush and rate food. - The size of a crocodile's brain is equal to the size of a human's thumb (Ander Martínez, 1ºC) (Elsa Toro, 1ºC) (Daniel Expósito, 1ºD) (Rocío Sellers, 1ºC) (Rodrigo Tovar, 1ºC)

The blobfish is the ugliest fish in the world. (Aitana Núñez, 1ºC).

- Some dolphins' species have up to 250 teeth. - When the dolphin is a baby, it feeds on its mother milk. - The dolphin's skin is renewed every two hours. - They sleep with half of their brain on the surface to sleep and still breath. - The communication sound that we hear is actually made of 7 different sounds. - Dolphins are acquatic mammals that live in groups. - They are carnivores.- They measure between 2 and 8 meters long, and they have a long snout.- They are one of the most intelligent animals.- They often interact with humans.- They use sounds, dance and jumping to communicate, orient themselves and catch their preys.(Aitana Núñez, 1ºC) (Martina Ginés, 1ºD) (Lucía Martín, 1ºD) (Aitana Clemente, 1ºC) (Salma Boulkhari, 1ºC).

The majority of Gorillas have the same blood type: B. (Aitana Núñez, 1ºC)

Seahorses haven't got teeth, nor stomach. (Martina Ginés, 1ºD)

- Zebras are robust animals that can measure up to 2,5 m. - Azebra can weigh up to 400 kg.-Theirhead is large and their legs are very short in relation to the body. (Delia Sánchez, 1ºD)

The Sporossidoe Heteropoda spider has many whiskers. (Sergio Lucas, 1ºD)

- Although fish is the main food of penguins, it has been shown that they cannot taste it. (Mauro Málaga, 1ºD)

The thorny devil looks like a miniature dinosaur. (Mauro Málaga, 1ºD)

- Cows show their mood through their ears.- Some cows in the United States and Mexico eat posionous herbs that grow in the fields, becoming solitary, walking strangely, and cosntantly stumbling.(Elena Bravo, 1ºC) (Mauro Málaga, 1ºD)

LIZARDS:Lizards eat their own tails to get calcium. (Luna Antúnez, 1ºD)PRAWNS:The prawn, that is only 2cm long, is the loudest animal in the world. (Claudia Boticario, 1ºC)SNAILS:Snails have more than 25,000 teeth.If you cut the eye of a snail, it will grow again. (Elena Bravo, 1ºC) (Lara Fabuel, 1ºD) (Andrea Vinagre, 1ºC) (Luna Antúnez, 1ºD)RABBITS: (Emma Martín, 1ºD)- Rabbits do not always like carrots.- They can move its view 160º.- Its fur changes along its life.FLY: (Marta Rodríguez, 1ºD)- The lifespan of a fly is about 30 days.- They can also produce up to 500 eggs in their lifetime.- The fly can process up to 250 pictures per second.DRAGONFLY:- The dragonfly can only live one day (Jaime Barras, 1ºC) (Manuel Cebriá, 1ºC)SALAMANDER:- The salamander contains neurotoxins to defend against predators. (Guillermo Durán, 1ºC)- Its colour shows that it is poisonous.- The colour and structure will depend on their habitat.CRABS:- They can live from 3 to 12 years old. (Paula Seijas, 1ºD)- They are not good swimmers.- They walk sideways because they have curved legs.

Otters hold hands while sleeping, so they don't float away from each other. (Claudia Boticario, 1ºC)

- Hummingbirds are the only known animals that can fly backwards. - They can flap their wings 53 times per second. (Claudia Boticario, 1ºC) (Antonio López, 1ºD)

Kangaroos can jump up to 8 meters long. (Nacho Criado, 1ºC)

Drung beetles are the strongest insect in the world. Once it moved 1.141 its weight. (Nacho Criado, 1ºC)

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (Rocío Sellers, 1ºC) (Elsa Toro, 1ºC)

The wings of a flamingo are up to 100 centimeters wide. (Cristina Durán, 1ºD)

- The lion's fur can be yellow, orange or black. (Cristina Durán, 1ºD)- Lions mark their territory (Aitana Clemente, 1ºC)

- Snakes do not have ears. - To listen, they feel vibrations through the ground - They completely shed their skin almost three times.- There are about 2,500 different species of snakes. One thrid of them are poisonous. (Daniel Expósito, 1ºD) (José Ángel, 1ºD)

The giant squid is the living thing with the largest eyes on the planet. (Rodrigo José Tovar, 1ºC)

The Platypus is the only mammal that lay eggs. (Amir David Arias, 1ºC)

- They are sociable animals that live in groups up to 30 members, they are known as mobs. - They take turns to watch, and raise an alarm if a predator is near.(Antonio Sánchez, 1ºC)

- This snake does not feed every day since they swallow their prey and spend several days digesting it. (Antonio Sánchez, 1ºC)

This spider does not make a web to catch its prey, but hides in flowers and pounces when something tasty comes by. (Antonio Sánchez, 1ºC)

It is the biggest moth in the world, its wings are 30 centimeters long. (Sara Hernández, 1ºD)

Anteaters can eat 35,000 ants a day. (Luna Antúnez, 1ºD)

- Elephants have a special alarm call that means "humans". (Carmen Lozano, 1ºD)

-The tiger has orange and black stripes. (Raúl Ramos, 1ºD)- They are carnivores.- It can live in many places.