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By: Mariajosé Kiuhan Rubiano

Physical Education timeline


In September 4 of 2020, We continue to measure our heartbeat and put it in a powerpoint or write it.

I learn to much!!


In August we did activities with balloons for coordination.


In April I learned to coordinate my eyesight with my hands through an exercise with socks, it was a lot of fun and now I coordinate my hands with my eyesight.


In October we did the challenge of jumping rope, I learned to jump faster and do new tricks.


in November of 2020 we did the activity of making a game that our parents or grandparents played in their childhood and I did hopscotch.

it was fun.



In January I did plogging, an activity that helps our body while helping the environment.

This activity was a lot of fun and it was satisfying to know that I was helping the planet while helping my body.



In February we did another coordination exercise with squares in pairs, I had fun and I learned.


In conclusion we have to take care of ourselves through various things such as doing exercise, we also protect the environment with renewable energy, so exercising is like using renewable energy but taking care of our environment which is our body.