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A rather sinister saga

The Promised Neverland


Set in a dystopian future in 2045, Emma is an eleven-year-old orphan girl who lives in the Grace Field House orphanage, along with 37 other children whom she considers her siblings, and under the custody of a woman known as «Mother ». The children of that hospice live happily and enjoy the best care until they are twelve years old, at which point they have to leave. They generally wear white uniforms, have a recognition number tattooed on their necks, and take daily exams in which Emma always gets the highest score with her best friends Norman and Ray. In their free time, the children can do whatever they want except to approach two places: the entrance that communicates with the outside and the fence that delimits the forest.

Main characters

With the recognition number 63194, she is the protagonist of the series.

With the recognition number 81194, he is the only child in the orphanage who can rival Norman.

With the recognition number 22194, he is considered the genius of the orphanage.

My favourite character

My opinion

I love The Promise Neverland because nothing is what it seems. We all like to be surprised, but to be surprised for the better. The Promised Neverland I think it does. The story starts in a first chapter without too many ambitions (or so it seems). In addition to being a fairly short saga, the acquisition of all the books is easy. I (personally) love how fantasy is mixed with how tame it is to be in an orphanage where everything goes well with the macabre idea that children are actually cattle and will be eaten later.





Krone was the best girl on plantation 3 in her time, which led to her being selected to be a future mother. She competed with other women for a position, and when she did, she had an operation on her heart to put on a tracking mechanism that could also measure her heart rate and kill her if necessary. Krone secured the position of sister in Plantation 3 of Grace Field House, and there she was under the command of Isabella. Krone longed for her position, so she was spying on the children for evidence incriminating Isabella.


She have an outgoing personality, a great learning capacity, and an expert in positively influencing those around her. Also, she is a very protective person, that she considers the children of the orphanage as her own family.

With a solitary personality, he has enormous intelligence and is as calculating as he is tenacious.

He is characterized by his analytical skills, his taste for strategy and his capacity for deduction. He also has enough mental strength to make any decision with poise, even in the most complicated situations.

One night, Emma and Norman break the rule of approaching the entrance to return to Conny, a newly adopted girl, the stuffed rabbit that she had forgotten when she was leaving. However, when they get there they discover that Conny has been killed by demons and that "Mother" is actually a breeder of human cattle; monsters raise children in Grace Field House so they can eat them.

At the gate, Krone met with the grandmother, and told her about the document and how to raise Isabella's children. The grandmother told Krone that Isabella was very valuable, and that she would do whatever it took to keep her in her position; after which she had a demon kill Krone.

Before leaving, Krone left the pen of promise to the children so they could find it and have a way to escape, in an act of forgiveness after realizing her actions.