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The Piticot board game was published in communist Romania in 1982 by CentroCoop. It is a dice and mute type game for 2-4 players.

Find another 1, 2 or 3 friends and start to play




Rollthe dice!

















You found PITICOT'S TREASURE. You finished victorious.

INSTRUCTIONS Your goal is to reach Piticot's house in front of the other players by throwing as many dice as possible and to avoid the obstacles on the route that give you back on the map. In order to determine who starts the game, each player will roll the dice and the one who hits the highest number will start. To advance on the game board, each player, in turn and in the established order, will roll the dice and advance a number a squares as indicated by the number on the dice. If a player, after rolling the dice or due to the instructions of the special boxes, reaches a box that is already occupied by another player, he will take his place and the player occupying the box will be sent to the first box. If, with the dice, a player does not stop with the pawn on the number 55 (Piticot's house) or 54 he will count and move her/his pawn to the box 55 and then he will return as many points as he has left. Each player starts with a token on the starting square (usually the "1" grid square in the bottom left corner, or simply, off the board next to the "1" grid square). Players take turns rolling a single die to move their token by the number of squares indicated by the die roll. Tokens follow a fixed route marked on the gameboard which usually follows a boustrophedon (ox-plow) track from the bottom to the top of the playing area, passing once through every square. play passes to the next player in turn. The player who is first to bring their token to the last square of the track is the winner. I

You hit the walls of the fortress in the Land of the Dwarf.Stay a turn!

The dragon defeats you in battle. Come back to 1!

You have reached the enchanted garden. Catch magical powers and fly to 19!

You caught a unicorn. Ride on him and jump to 12!

You got lost in Aladdin's Country. Return to 13!

Your guardian angel helps you get to 26!

Santa who has the scythe found you. Leave the game for good!

It's time to take dinner. Stay a tour!

The cunning fox is chasing you at 27!

The witch prolongs the night. Until it's daylight again, stay a tour!

The guided leprechaun gives you the water of life. Jump to 44!

You lost your way and reached the North Pole. Return to 38!

A naughty dwarf  teaches you to run. Run away to 52!

The dragon of Seas blocks your way. Return to 45!

Chichi, the naughty phantom confuses you and you go the wrong way. Return to 48!