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add action to embedded Learningapps


Title 1



Game page

Page 2


Code page







Allows you to reset a variable.

Can be used at the beginning of Genially for example.

Mandatory function in the page.

Item to be grouped with a Genially object (excluding text) that will APPEAR if the activity is correct.

Item to be grouped with a Genially object (excluding text) that will DISAPPEAR if the activity is correct.

Game page

Code to be copied in preview mode and pasted into the learning-apps feedback.


Allows you to define a variable that is accessible during a session
(same tab, same browser).

Allows you to define a variable that is accessible from one session to another
(same browser).

Can be used in different Genially.

Code page

Make your activity at https://learningapps.org/

In the feedback box at the bottom, paste the iCode that you copied from the code page.

Paste this into the task description at the top (below your instructions):
<style>body{ background:#eeeeff !important; font-size:24px !important;}</style>

Change the red part with a HEX code to change the background colour of the activity.
Change the blue number to change the font size.

In LearningApps

You need at least 3 pages: a title page, a game page and a code page. Ideally create them before you create the learningapp activtiy.

On the title page, add the 2 elements from the green box on the template page - they will reset anything in the presentation - always start playtests from here.

On the code page, take elements from the purple box of the template page: the iframe box and one of the other green boxes, depending on whether you want the game to remember the action for just one session or over different session or different Genially presentations.
Go into preview mode on the code page and copy the iframe code from the box.

Instructions 1/3

Now go to learningapps.org and create your activity. In the feedback box at the bottom, paste the iframe code. You could write some feedback above it as well.
Save your learningapps activity and copy the iframe code for the activity.

Back in your Genially presentation, go onto the game page. Go to the "insert" tab, then "other" and paste your learningapps iframe into the box and click enter. Your activity should appear on your page. You can resize it.

From the blue box of the template, copy the yellow element and the red and/or green element. Group the red/green with a picture that you want to (dis)appear when the learningapps activity is correct. It can NOT be text - but you could use a screenshot of a text. When the learningapps activity is correct, the activity window will also disappear, so you could hide something behind it.

Instructions 2/3

You need to publish you presentation before you playtest.

You need to keep the code page in your presentation, but you can put it at the end. You can't make the page invisible, otherwise it doesn't work anymore.

If you want to use several Learningapps activities in one presentation, each of them needs to have a different variable name: duplicate the template as many times as needed and change all the texts that say "variable" to your chosen game name, e.g. you could name them game1, game2, game3 or matchup, multiplechoice, memory.

Instructions 3/3