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to program the position and rotation of objects on a page


Clicking on an object causes it to move
A double-click returns the object to its original position

Casper is showing you where the key is!

The black "Mode Creation" element helps by showing the position parameters when the object is double clicked. They can be copied

Drag an object, then double-click it.

A debugging window is integrated in the page

Compatible with DND Lemniscape.

Table of variables: num/left/top
(element number / X position / Y position / opacity / rotation)

Duplicable 'moving' element to be placed on top of and grouped with a Genially object (image, text form...)

click : the object moves to the position indicated in the table

double-click : returns to its place

double-click in CREATE MODE : displays num/left/top/opacity parameters



Mandatory function to be placed IN the page

Debugging window

Creation help (to be deleted before sharing)

In preview mode, double-clicking on a 'moving' element displays its num/left/top/opacity parameters.
The displayed values are easy to copy and paste into the variables table. The angle (in degrees) of rotation will have to be typed in the table.

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