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Lesson Global Goal 4 Quality Education. Information Literacy eltsustainable.org


Global Goal 4 Quality

Education Information Literacy



In this lesson you will:

  • Practice reading skills.
  • analyse an infographic
  • develop your 'information literacy skills' by fact checking the sources of an infographic
  • Discuss the importance of education and it's place in the Global Goals.


How important do you think education is to make the world a better place?

How do you think education fits in to such goals?

How does you think a country’s level of education affects the following?

  • Likelihood of war
  • Health
  • Environmental awareness
  • Levels of poverty

How important is education for an individual, a country and the world?



Make a note of the following figures, as you will read an infographic to find out what they mean.


$1 billion

4 million

171 million


Click here for the link!


Which area of education should be the main focus of attention in the coming years?

What was the most surprising fact for you? What was the least surprising fact?

How has your experience of education been?

Is there anything that you find hard to believe?

Follow the source

Are you sure everything in this infographic is true?

Pick 2 or 3 facts, follow the sources at the bottom of the page and check elsewhere on the internet. Find evidence to show whether the piece of information is accurate or not.

Over to you...



What advice would you give to others to ensure they are not a victim of fake news or misinformation? Can you come up with a list of ideas?

you for participating!


Lesson plan by Owain Llewellyn


Digital material by Milica Vukadin