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We have to determine the noise in Pola de Siero, Asturias and model an improvement proposal


Marina García Palicio
Andrea Roces Pastrana
Lucía Ramos Pérez
Carlota Guirado Pulido
Hugo Puente Menéndez
Xenia Alonso Tirado


At each point we make three measurements

Choosing a study area

To parcel the study area.

We use 29 cartographic maps

Measuring noise in the streets of Pola de Siero

Decibel x app

Creating the noise database

Example of data in spreadsheets

Done with Google Sheets

Statistical processing of data

Statistical processing (done with Google Sheets)

Presentation of results

Graphics of statistic values (done with Google Sheets)

Map of noise (done with QGIS)

Analysis of data and improvement proposals

02. Analysis and proposals

The students study the data that they have obtained:


  • They know that there are high levels of noise in the most part of the city.
  • The main source of noise is the traffic.
  • Finally, they choose new zones to act, thoose where the decibels were higher than 85 dB.

02. Analysis and proposals

They have worked in groups in order to investigate improvement proposals:


  • Reduce the traffic on the city.
  • Promote cycling:
    • Creating an urban cycling itinerate of roads.
    • Creating bicycle parkings.
    • Creating a Public Service which rents bicycles.
    • Concerning people.

Lucía Ramos

In the following image you can see the network of bike lanes proposal for Pola de Siero.


First, it has been made the design of a network of bike lanes in the whole city, like a general improvement proposal. For this, we used the Google Earth program.

PROPOSAL: Design and modeling of a network of bike lanes for the whole urban area of Pola de Siero

Specific Proposal for intervention in Alcalde parrondo street

Current Situation

We have chosen this street because it is the main source of noise since it exceeds 65 dB.
The main cause of the noise is the high traffic in the area as it is part of the N-634 road.
The area that has been decided to modify is between the entry roundabout on the 120-meter street and the 24-meter roundabout.

Alcalde Parrondo Street

Intervention Proposal

  • Elimination of parking areas.
  • Reduction of the 4 traffic lanes to only 2.
  • Incorporation of lanes separated from the road means of a tree-line barrier.
  • Total transformations of roundabouts.
  • Conditioning of the sidewalks, incorporating a bike rental and parking station.

Randerized with TwinMotion and Sketchup

With programmes like STREETMIX and Sketchup we make a 2D design of the street and its elements like the bike lanes, sidewalks, partitions and the surrounding furniture.

Layout: 3D Printing

In this process, we created mockups from the Sketchup designs using the Ultimaker Cura 4.4 program and a BQ Witbox 2 printer, although it couldn't be finished due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Randerized: Using Skechtup software

Randerized: Using Twinmotion software

Randerized: Using Twinmotion software

Bike rental will be free and there would be 5 stations.
To identify themselves, people will use a citizen card and a PIN number

using software TWIN MOTION

PROPOSAL: Public bike rental service


PROPOSAL: awareness and dissemination among the population

Involving people is very important to increase the use of the bicycle and a great help to achieve this is an application.
The application will be created with AppInventor and it will be called BICIminuto

PROPOSAL: Connetion with reality

The city council will begin to transform the access to Pola de Siero designing a new roundabout that will incorporate two cycle lanes. That street is a extensión of the Alcade Parrondo Street

Read the news in the local newspaper El Tapín

Obstacles and conclusions

We have not had great obstacles. The worst thing has been the stop that we had to do because of Covid-19.


It has been a very rewarding and enriching process for the students, who have been very involved.