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The Panic room

Try to escape


select the part of the movie


looking for the last proof

1st Challenge

the final door

Secret Door

Registering the safe

What does the computer say?

6th Challenge (end)





how did you end up there?


We went to an abandoned house to make a Ouija board, even knowing that nothing good would come of it, we entered and suddenly the door closed and a man with evil intentions and a murderer appeared at the window. When we escaped, we accidentally entered a panic room, and we noticed that the door was suddenly closed just as the three of us entered.

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“Room that allows people at high risk to stay out of the reach of possible intruders for a certain time, until the intervention of the security forces, police or surveillance patrol.



Physical and mental description of the characters


Tall, dark, has an adventurous personality, she is strong and faces problems, but she has a problem, she is asthmatic and without her inhaler she can have a very bad time.


Susan: blonde girl, tall, very fearful and a believer of the paranormal, she always trusts what her friends tell her.


Ben: Tall, not as much as Noah. He is very careful but he likes to get carried away from time to time, he is into mystery and ghosts.

Evil (Manuel)

Manuel: tall, fat, psychopath who had a bad childhood, some children burst his eye and since then he has set traps in "his house" to kill them.


1st challenge

You have a front panel, with six buttons. What are you going to do ?

What are you going to do ?

1st number : 6+7-7+3-5+4-6+4-3 2nd number : 4-3-1+1+3-2-1 3rd number : 5-3+4-4+6-2 4th number : 2x2-4+3+1-2 5th number :7-2-3-5+2+2+4 6th number :2+3+2-5-2+5+2-3

Something has happened!

Without realizing it, a secret door has opened behind you. Where will it lead?

What will be behind the door?

When we entered the secret door, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Inside that panic room there was practically a mini house inside ...

Registering the new room

Reviewing the room a little more thoroughly, we have realized that there were many more things than we thought.-In one of the corners there is a safe with a note taped to the side. -On one of the walls there is a TV with camera screens on it.-And there is a table with a laptop in the middle of the room.

2nd challenge

We will start with one of the ones that seems easier.

Let these symbols be ignited ?

1 - The sum of its 4 digits is 132 - The number of thousand units is double that of simple units.3 - The number of the hundreds is three times greater than the tens.Can you guess what number it is?

what's inside the safe?

The fourth door number is 6

And now that ?

After we have finished the problem of the safe, we will go to the computer to see what it puts in it.

3rd Challenge

Let's think about the periodic table.

let's think a bit

The secret of the laptop

The laptop screen has changed, let's see what it says?


the second number on the door is two

To finish with this room, let's go watch TV with camera screens in it.

4th Challenge

You have to pay attention to the smallest details.

Look for the secret number on the cameras.

Looking for the last challenge...

After finishing all the challenges that were in the rooms, we wondered where the missing number could be to get out of that overwhelming place. After 20 minutes opening all the cabinets and drawers, we discovered that there was a half-loose slab on one of the walls of the first room.

5th Challenge

The last of the challenges is about deciphering a sentence with a letter that is not ours.

translating the strange text...

Now you can leave the room!


Congratulations !!

You have managed to escape without a scratch!

To Be continued...

¡Thanks for playing!

Behind the TV was a note.

The number you just found is the first of 3 more numbers.