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St. Patrick's Day

Rollthe dice!

Snakes and Ladders

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EVERYONE!Find a green object in your room and name it - write down the English name in the chat box. The first one to finish gets a homework pass ;)

Name 3 symbols of good luck.

Ask your friend what his favourite green vegetable is.

Name (you can use the Internet to help you) 3 famous Irish people and tell us something about them.

Name 5 things that are NATURALLY green!

Is green a colour you often wear? Why (not)?

Does your school celebrate St. Patrick's Day?If yes - what do you do?If not - what could you do there?

What do you think the weather is like in Ireland? Do you like this kind of weather?

What would you do with the money from Leprechaun?

What do you know about Ireland?(geography, currency, language)

Have you ever been to Ireland? Would you like to? Why (not)?

Would you like to dye your hair green? Would your parents let you do that?

Invite your friend to a St. Patrick's Day parade. Tell him why it's worth going to.


Draw the Irish flag.