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A winning combination

Any dish with rice is bound to be a hit, but if you add a fruit as versatile as apple, the result is spectacular.In a simple recipe, it can be a good idea to try mixing sweet and savory flavors. Additionally, make sure you consider the cooking time of the rice and the type of apple you want to add to the dish. In this case, we recommend a red apple.


In addition to apple, the risotto could be made with nuts or pear.

Mushroom and apple risotto


50 minutes

4 people

424 calories



14 oz. rice1 apple7 oz. mushroomsOnion1/2 glass of white wine2 cups chicken stock

Sauté the rice, season it, and let it cook for 10 minutesSauté mushrooms with onion, apple, and butterLightly grind everythingAdd cream to the rice

1.7 oz parmesan cheeseOlive oil, salt, and pepper to taste

Add some chicken stock to make it creamyAdd in the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper

Nougat Flan

Time for dessert!

35 minutes

6 people

600 calories



7 oz. soft nougat16.9 oz. milk6.8 oz. cream2.8 oz. white sugar1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Blend the nougat with the milk, sugar, and creamStir in the curd and vanilla and mix wellCook for 8-10 minutes

2 packets of powdered curdCaramel sauce

Pour the caramel sauce into the moldsPour the mixture into the molds and let them coolPut them in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours to make sure they solidify


Here you will find the energy value of each of the recipes we made, as well as their nutrients.


Total fat percentage

Total protein percentage

Total carbohydrate percentage

In addition to fueling the body, fats also help the body absorb some vitamins.

After water, the body is mainly made up of proteins. In fact, proteins are the main component of cells, muscles, and other tissue.

Carbohydrates are the body's main source of fuel.

"We never repent having eaten too little."

Thomas Jefferson

The ideal breakfast should contain carbohydrate-rich foodsExamples: cereal, toast, or biscuitsAddmilkandnuts



It should also include vitamins. You can drink any fresh, natural juice.Oatmeal is the ideal food to have for breakfast because it contains all kinds of nutrients.

Dinner should be light but a complete mealWe can include carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, or legumes in moderate amounts



It's highly recommended that you cooking by steaming, grilling, or bakingWhat should we avoid? Frying and battering, sugars, sauces, pre-cooked foods, pastries.

Meal Schedule

What should I eat throughout the day?





Breakfast should be complete, including dairy, grains, carbohydrates, and vitamins to provide energy to your body.

Preferably nuts or yogurt to provide the necessary protein







The ideal time to have a serving of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This can be done by adding portions of rice or whole-wheat pasta and healthy fats like avocado to your meal.

Take advantage of an afternoon snack to eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit that's in season.

It's recommended to consume steamed, grilled, or baked. All low in fat and carbohydrates.

The Team

Nutritionists & Dieticians

A team of nutrition specialists who reinforce and develop plans focused on changing the user's eating habits.The key is not to go on a diet, but to create healthy eating habits that change the way we eat and view food.









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