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Patrick's Day

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1.Who was Saint Patrick


3.Sant Patrick's day

4.Saint Patrick's day in COVID

Who was Saint Patrick?

St. Patrick was born in Britain in the year 385. As a young man, he was taken captive to Ireland. It is said that it was around the year 403, at the age of 16, that he was taken prisoner by pirates along with other young men to be sold into slavery.Patrick was sent to France for religious studies. Once he finished his studies he was assigned to England, but he wanted to return to Ireland to bring the Christian faith and convert the pagans. He did and became the man who introduced Christianity to Ireland.His first objective when he arrived in Ireland was to find the Druid Milchu, who had enslaved him as a teenager, but not to seek revenge but to convert him to Christianity. When Milchu heard that Patrick was returning to Ireland he committed suicide, although it is not known exactly why. According to his own writings, Patrick was "devastated" when he found out.He traveled all over Ireland trying to convert the whole country to Christianity and escaping when he was taken, prisoner. He became popular for his generosity, his fierce opposition to slavery, and his feminist attitudes, which also got him into trouble with the Catholic Church and led him to write his most famous work Confessio.


Legend has it that St. Patrick, patron saint of the Irish, after founding his first church, invited all non-believers to join Christianity. St. Patrick performed several miracles and then all the pagans began to join the church.Meanwhile, the Druids, who were the priests of the pagan gods, thought of setting a plan in motion to get all their followers to return to them and stop following St. Patrick.It was then that the druids invoked the goblins and sent a large troop of them to St. Patrick's church to make the monk's life miserable.The little goblins then began to play tricks and pranks on the parishioners who went to St. Patrick's Church. They were so mischievous that the Christians began to complain because they were not allowed to pray and suffered endless abuse in the church.At that moment, St. Patrick decided to confront them, knowing that it was the work of the Druids. So it was that the monk confronted them with the following words:- In the name of Almighty God I cast you out, you unclean spirits.These few words were enough for St. Patrick to drive the goblins out of the church, and with them, the druids stopped bothering the new parishioners

Saint PatriCk's day

Besides drinking and wearing green, watching or participating in a parade is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Interestingly, the biggest St. Patrick's Day parades are held outside of Ireland, as Irish expatriate communities take the festivities very seriously.Another popular tradition is to pin a shamrock to your jacket. It is said that St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach people about the Holy Trinity.

Saint PatriCk's day in Covid

The Irish government has suspended the St Patrick's Day parade, the national patron saint, which takes place every 17 March through the streets of Dublin and is attended by more than half a million people, because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.