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Favorite TeacherKeith Cary, physics teacherFavorite TraditionLots of pep assemblies/rallies

Favorite TeachersSeniors Honors English Teacher Mr. Jim CoatMr. Rex BabcockFavorite TraditionsThere were a lot of pep assembliesInvolved the community a lotHad parades and did stuff in Walmart parking lot to smash a car with sledgehammerDuring parades would decorate floatsFavorite MemoryDuring the beginning of the school year, [we] would always go to the new Walmart parking lot and smash a car with a sledgehammer and would have a bonfire there to get people excited for the football games.

Favorite TeacherMr. VallierFavorite TraditionsHaving lots of pep assembliesDoing parades and being more involved with the community

Favorite teachersMr. VallierJeff WilliamsFavorite TraditionsSenior lane was more importantSamson Bar in weight room (was a challenge that was around 450lbs)

Favorite TeachersMrs. HensonMs. EllisFavorite TraditionsSenior LaneAlways had open lunchVery big turnouts at sports gamesFavorite MemoryHaving open lunch and going to Smooters and eating with friends and coming back