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At this rate, it would take around4.8 yearsto cover 75% of the global population with a two-dose vaccine.

27 member statesof the EUtogether with5richcountriespre-ordered half ofthevaccines. These countries account for only around13%of the global population.

10 countrieshave administered81%of all COVID-19 vaccines.

Only 10%of people in low-incomecountries arelikelyto receive a vaccine this year.

130countries have not received a single vaccine dose.

Communitiesin conflict-affected and fragile statesin addition to the financial constraints of purchasing sufficient vaccines –havelogistical barriersto widespread vaccine access.

Supply chain workers, and rural and indigenous peoples are on the front lines against our global crises as exploited andmarginalisedpopulationsdoing the essential work - producing goods, growing food and defending ecosystems - on which our daily consumption depends.Ongoing lockdown conditions willerase livelihoodsandfurther trap womenin oppressive domestic work.Poor communities in Southern countries keep everyone alive in the face of enormous precaritywith little guarantee of adequate health care should they fall ill.Rural populations with poor health infrastructure.

An equal global access to vaccines, including aTRIPS waiver.An ethical and effective framework for global vaccines distribution. The cancellation of global South debt and the use of freed up funds for improving national health care systems for distribution and better isolated care conditions for the sick. Institutions and decision-makers to act with integrity and principle towards ajust recovery for all.