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Discuss and predict!

What can you see in this picture?

What things do you think you will see in this video? Make a list of 5 things.
How might you feel when watching this video? Write down 5 adjectives.

Let's ride into the future!

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Task 5

Watch the


Feedback: discuss with the partner

The best place to cycle where you live.

Make a video and useful language.

Let's present!

Let's reflect!

  • What will you remember from this lesson?
  • What is something you have learnt?
  • What is something you did well?
  • What is something a classmate did well?
  • What is something you will consider doing differently in future?
  • What kind of bicycle is depicted on the picture on the right side?

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Time to Ride
The Future

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Lesson plan by Owain Llewellyn


Digital material by Milica Vukadin

You are going to watch the video the picture was taken from.

As you watch, are there any changes you want to make to the adjectives that describe how you feel?


  1. Look back at your original answers to the questions at the beginning. How are your answers different now?

  2. This advert was banned in France by the French advertising authority ARPP for creating a “climate of fear.” The ARPP also said that the advert gives the car industry a bad name. Do you think that they made the right or wrong decision?

  3. What sort of adverts should or shouldn’t be banned in your opinion?

  4. Should more people be encouraged to cycle instead of drive where they live, and if so, what can be done to encourage them?

Imagine someone has just moved to your neighbourhood. They want to go cycling. Discuss the following questions:

  1. Where would be a good place for them to go cycling?

  2. What is good about it?

  3. What information should they have before going?

Discuss these with a partner.

Watch each others’ videos and think of one follow up question to ask each group about their video.

Make a video of one minute in which you advertise the place you chose as a place for people to go cycling. You can record it on your phone or present it to the class. You can even go to the place to take pictures to include in your video or record ‘on location’.

When you are ready, share what you have created with your teacher and class.

Useful Language:

X is simply the best place to go cycling because ... My recommendation would be ...

Depending on whether you are an experienced cyclist, you could ...

One thing to be careful about/bear in mind is ...

It depends on ...

Not only can you ... but you can also ...