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I wish you could have at least a blackout on a clear night in your life.

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Mario Rigoni Stern was born in 1921 in Asiago where he lived for the rest of his life. When World War II broke out, he joined the army. He tookpart in the Russian campaign that he narrated in his first book "The sergeant in the snow". In 1943 he was taken prisoner by the Germans and deported to a concentration camp. After the liberation of the camp, in 1945, he returns home on foot crossing the Alps to reach his beloved Asiago, where he died in 2008.

Have you ever seen a sunrise on the mountains?Climbing the mountain when it's dark and waiting for the sun to rise. It's a wonder that no other means created by men can give you, this wonder of nature.Prayer is to stay in the wood in silence.

THE FOREST OF CAPERCAILLIE (1962)Seasons went by: spring with the thaw, summer with the hay and the malgas, autumn with the wood and the mushrooms, winter with the soft duvet on warm beds and the snow on the windows. Every thing changes in haste. Too much haste

I wish everyone could listen to the rock partridges song at sunrise, see roe deers on the pastures in spring, the larches reddened by autumn on the edges of the rocks, the darting of fishes in the clear waters of the streams and the bees picking up the nectar from cherry blossoms.


Never before as in our days the man who lives in industrialized Countries feels the lack of “nature” and the necessity of places: mountains, plains, rivers, lakes and seas to find serenity and balance, at the point that it comes to mind that violence, anguish, bad living, apathy and loneliness are largely due to the environement created by our society and civilization.

SEASONS (2006)It's deep the silence of the snow.Walking immersed in that white, living like in a dream: your body doesn't weigh anymore, the step is not tiring and you wander from thought to thought. In an infinity among the trees covered with snow the things of life appear clearer.

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