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5 things you didn't know about

The Queen's Gambit






Director Scott Frank, Anya and makeup and hair designer Daniel Parker all independently decided that Beth should be a redhead. Wigs were used to accomplish all of the protagonist's hairstyles.

The making of Beth Harmon with the Queen herself @anyataylorjoy and hair and makeup artists Claudia Stolze and Daniel Parker. pic.twitter.com/Dyjipdi4cl

— Netflix Queue (@netflixqueue) November 2, 2020

Anya cried during each and every take of the final moment of the series. No spoilers! But it was emotional. ;)

Beth's lipstick colors were chosen for each scene to show Beth's maturation as the series progressed. Near the end of the series, Beth's lipstick shade serves as a nod to her adopted mother, Alma.

Creator Scott Frank originally asked Garry Kasparov to play Borgov, but he turned down the role and became a consultant instead. Consultants Kasparov and Bruce Pandolfini helped coach all of the actors and choreographed the chess matches.

Anya had to switch between characters throughout filming because she filmed The Queen's Gambit, Emma, and Last Night in Soho around the same time, with only one day off between projects.