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Two women aged 34 and 44 attempted to pass as over-65s in Florida in order to jump the queue and receive their Covid-19 vaccines ahead of schedule. - BBC, Independent

The country's foreign minister resigned after acknowledging she received the coronavirus vaccine outside of clinical trials and before the national immunization program began. - Reuters, France 24

A millionaire Canadian couple traveled to a remote community to receive a Covid-19 vaccine meant for vulnerable and elderly Indigenous people. - The Guardian, CBC News

The World Bank threatened to suspend financing for Covid-19 vaccines in Lebanon amid claims lawmakers were inoculated in parliament without prior approval. - AP, France 24

The country's health minister resigned after reports that people had been able to use connections to access vaccines to which they were not entitled. - Reuters, The Star

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Around the world, people are up in arms over claims of Covid-19 vaccine queue-jumping. Here are some examples:

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