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Welcome to the ScholarMatch Destined for College Program (DC)

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BigFuture National Advising

Destined for College (DC),San Francisco Bay Area

Students may be referred to our program in two ways.

Destined for College is ScholarMatch's program for high school students. We provide one-on-one college application advising and resources to support you during this process.

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Destined for College (DC), San Francisco Bay Area

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Participating in Destined for College (DC) as a BigFuture referred student

Working with your ScholarMatch coach

Working with your ScholarMatch coach

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College-Ready Milestones

College-Ready Milestones

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Becoming eligible for the Scholars Program

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Remember: The Scholars Program is our program for college students which provides advising, career support, and from $8,000 to $20,000 in scholarships.

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We're so excited to support you on your journey to college!