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Survey respondents reported experiencing similar issues, all of which fell under the following categories.





Covid survey comments

The biggest reported compliance issue was mask fatigue. On top of being uncomfortable, masks make it difficult to communicate with colleagues and patients. Staff are also tired of social distancing measures, commenting that they miss shared lunch breaks and work events.

ASC staff are experiencing heightened levels of depression, anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, irritation, exhaustion, and sadness. Employees were also described as being more moody, serious, and negative.

Declining work performances are evident, with respondents reporting higher absenteeism, less teamwork, and increased criticism. Some staff do not want to return to work, some want to work less, and others are stressed about not working enough. High-performance employees have become less dependable, tensions are high, and patience is thin.

Unemployed spouses, homeschooled children, and sick loved ones are creating stress that may be manifesting in the workplace. A lack of social activities and hobbies are leaving many feeling isolated, as well. Employees miss after-hours bonding with colleagues.