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Conditional clauses B1+


Mixed Conditional Clauses

Grammar Quiz


Question 1/10

If I __________________ (eat) that candy bar when Peter offered it to me, I _________________ (not starve) now!

would eat/wouldn't starve

had ate/wouldn't have starved

hadn't eaten/wouldn't starve

If we __________________ (not have) wifi at home, he __________________
(not be) able to use the Internet on his laptop while he was visiting.

didn't have/wouldn't have been able

wouldn't have/wasn't able

didn't had/would have be

Question 2/10

If she __________________ (be born) in the US, she __________________ (can) run for the American presidency.

was born/could ran

had been born/can

had been born/could

Question 3/10

If you __________________ (go) to sleep earlier last night, you _________________ (not be) so tired today.

had went/wouldn't been

had gone/wouldn't be

had gone/had been

Question 4/10

I __________________ (not read) that awful article if I __________________
(not like) politics so much.

hadn't read/didn't like

wouldn't have read/didn't like

wouldn't read/wouldn't like

Question 5/10

If she __________________ (not be) such a great fan of horrors, she __________________ (not see) all of these films.

wouldn't been/didn't see

didn't be/wouldn't have seen

hadn't been/wouldn't have seen

Question 6/10

If I __________________ (eat) that candy bar when Peter offered it to me, I _________________ (not starve) now!

had eaten/wouldn't starve

would eat/starved

had ate/wouldn't starve

Question 7/10

If I ................ (be) a good student, I ..............(not fail) yet another test.

were/wouldn't have failed

would be/failed

were/wouldn't have fail

Question 8/10

If I ______________ (be) fitter, I ___________ (sign up) for the advanced yoga class.

would be/would sign up

was/would have signed up

will be/sign up

Question 9/10

If he __________________ (get down) to work last week he __________________ (finish) with it right now.

get to work/will finished

had got down/would finish

would get/would finish

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