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Objects (dis)appear when a Lockee lock is opened


Title Page


Game Page


Code is 123

You can give your lock a transparent background by selecting "transparent background" underneath the iFrame code on the lockee website.

Reward Page


You will need at least 3 pages.
You need to decide on the name of your lock. In this example it is "lockeevar". Change the name that is grouped with the red, purple and green element. Make sure it is exacely the same and that the text is group with each element.

1. Title page: add the red element. When you test your lock, always start from the title page.
2. Game page: the page with the Lockee lock (see below how to set up). Add the purple elment. Add the OFF and/or ON element and group with a picture that you want to appear or dissappear when the lockee lock is opened. You can duplicate them to have several images appear/disappear.

You can have the effect happen on a different page, in that case you need the purple element on the page with the effect.
3. Reward page: This page will be shown (as a smal window) instead of the lockee element, when the lock is opned. Add the black and the green element. Add the red element with "https://..." , go into preview mode and copy the link it shows - this is the link to this specific page. You can now delete the red link element..

Set up lockee: go to https://en.lockee.fr/ and sign in. Create your lock, you can use any type, but for the questions "When unlocked, displays:" you need to choose "a webpage". Paste the link you got from the reward page.
When you lock is finished, copy the iFrame code. In Genial.ly, go to "insert" - "others" and paste the iFrame code and insert it into the game page.