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I started playing softball from the beginning to the end of elementary school. I then began to focus more on volleyball because that’s where my heart led me. I’m ultimately trying to regain my softball skills. My plan for next year is to only do outside-of-school club volleyball [at Attack Volleyball Club on 16 White], so I wanted to keep myself active with an in-school sport.

The environment. The coaches are so nice and my teammates are welcoming and inviting. I look forward to going to softball every day and the happiness that playing brings me has made me realize this strong passion I didn’t know I had.

I’m a big believer that social life is important because my friends have shaped me into who I am. I can be hard sometimes, but school will always come first. I always finish my work before I do anything else. Spending all the time you can with friends and family is important to me.

I’m addicted to peanut butter. I can’t fully explain why, but I’m a strong believer that if I eat it before a game, I will play better. I either eat it by the spoonful or pair it with an apple. It’s my thing.

With volleyball, there isn’t as much of a support system behind you, while with softball I know everyone has my back. If I make a mistake, I know everyone will be understanding. Volleyball can be more stressful, so when I step on the softball field, I feel reassured that I can do it.

The coaches I’ve played with have taught me life lessons. In volleyball, they preach mental strength and push what [you are] capable of doing. Everyone knows their personal boundaries, and I felt confident in adding softball to my plate. In softball, I’ve learned that even if you aren’t perfect, giving all you have is enough. The culture of the two sports is very different. Softball is more lighthearted than volleyball.

School volleyball season is in the fall, while softball season is in the spring. However, since club volleyball takes place during the spring, they overlap, and sometimes there’s scheduling conflicts. The coaches are really understanding of it, and they continue to support me.

Coppell center fielder/third baseman sophomore Jordyn Ashby practices her swing at Lesley Field on Feb. 8. Ashby made a return to softball after taking a break to focus more on volleyball. Photo by Precious Onalaja.