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There is a pile of dirt on the ground. It looks freshly dug.

There is a rusted shovel leaning against the tree. The handle has been wiped clean.

There is a black tarp bound in rope on the ground. As you get closer, you start to notice something rotten in the air. It is covered in flecks of dried mud.

Upon opening the bag you discover a visibly deceased male body inside.

He has his eyelids and lips are sewn shut. However something looks off about him.. He is missing his internal organs and has been taxidermized, as well as missing a foot.

Blood seems to be leaking from the bag. It is dark in color and appears quite old. There are also drag marks on the ground trailing behind the bag.

Two sets of prints appear. One belonging to what looks like a possible size 8 hiking boot and one belonging to a very large dog... or wolf?

There is a game camera attached to the tree. The footage seems to have been erased though.