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Basic Kit



This solution allows customers spraying or atomizing perfume into their products to migrate to a much more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient dispensing technology, providing at the same time a much safer working area for the machine operators. Potential Cost Savings are very remarkable with ROI’s as low as 3 months being frequently achieved.


Enclosure Kit

Flow Control Closed Loop Kit

  • Get rid of the spray, we can dispense drops as small as 1mg per product.

  • No more perfume lost in the air.

  • Safer Product.

  • Safer Working environment.

  • Our valve key components are ceramic & stainless steel made, with zero dynamic seals.

Real Case Study

Here there is a



Includes all the needed parts to apply the perfume. The liquid is directly suctioned from the perfume supplier cannister. The parts are packed separately and are intended to remain installed in the same production line. Eventually, if the customer is providing its own pattern controller signal and EPC valve we can supply the kit with a VD-2 Driver instead.


This system is designed like a standalone perfume dispensing system which has its own tank and can be easily moved from line to line. The concept is very similar to the Hot Melt Dispensing Units, where all the elements to dispense the adhesive are place inside the same enclosure. As with the Basic Kit, if the customer is providing its own pattern controller signal and EPC we can supply the kit with a VD-2 Driver instead.


The Kit includes and Ultrasonic flow meter and a PLC based controller that allows customer to set up the desired amount of perfume that needs to be deliver on each product. The system automatically adjusts the fluid pressure in order to ensure that all products receive the same pre-set amount of perfume regardless of the line speed. It also provides different alarms levels in case of defects as well as real time information of the actual flow. Its Ultrasonic flowmeter doesn't interfere with the perfume flow at all, and doesn't require any cleaning or maintenance compared with other gear-based flow meters available in the market.

Being able to control de amount of perfume dispensed is particularly important, not only from quality assurance and cost control point of view, but also prevent customer's skin overexposure to this type of products. The Real Flow Data can be recorded for a programmable period of time, once the sampling has been done the system will generate an excel compatible file which can be downloaded into a USB memory stick for further analysis.

  • Perfume is applied to mask the odor of the Hot Melt adhesives and some other raw materials used in the hygiene disposable products manufacturing.

  • Most of the perfume dispensing systems out there feature a pressure tank and a spray pneumatic valve, which is normally pulsed by a pattern controller.

  • The dispensed liquid is a mix between perfume concentrate and a carrier, which usually is a special formulation called "Perfumer's Alcohol" consisting in a blend of Ethanol, Myristate and Glycol.

  • The only reason to mix the perfume concentrate is that the standard pneumatic valves suffer of a relatively long cycle time and, if only the perfume concentrate were to be applied, the amount dispensed per producto would be way too big, and expensive.

  • Same reason is forcing the customers to atomize the mixed liquid, otherwise, the resulting drop applied on every single product would be also too big, damaging the product appearance and further performance.

  • Perfume Concentrate has an oily appearance and a viscosity around 50 to 100 cps.

  • Perfume's Alcohol is corrosive and extremely flammable. Ethanol is considered a psychoactive substance and the maximum concentration allowed in working areas if 1000ppm.