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Renewable energy resources and sustainable homes


Click on the audio button. Listen and repeat.

1. Explore the renewable energy resources in your closest community.2. Explain your findings to other students.3. Add a reliable source to this information.

It's time for the first task!

Select a statement (or answer to all of them). Comment on posts of other students in your online classroom or make an audio or a video response. Be polite and offer scientific evidence for your claims.

Agree or disagree discussion - SPIN THE WHEEL!

Develop your own renewable resource plan for a house located in your city/town/village:

Explore the renewable resource plan questions.


Questions to help you develop your plan:Which type of energy could fit their environment the best?How will the energy source affect the surrounding area?What is the problem that the invention is trying to solve?Are there any negative impacts on the environment?What can be powered in the house with this renewable energy resource?Explanation of how the plan is more advantageous than other renewable and non-renewable energy sources.Green features to think about:Building site and using the sun as much as you can;Passive heating (sun, windows, floor materials);Geothermal energy;Energy-saving home appliances;Motion-activated lights;Solar panels;Rainwater collection.

Connect with other students and collaborate.


Chat with other students and see who lives in a similar environment as you if you want to pair up, or join a group.

Sustainable house design with various tools.


Create a sketch or a model during the lesson, and then present your main idea in a few sentences. You can do this via audio, video, or text. Post the picture and your idea in the Let’s design the Edmodo group to get feedback.Use:1. Genial.ly (picture or infographic);2. Screencastify to record your screen on your computer while you explain what you planned;3. Any screen recording app for your phone + notepad on your phone if you wish to draw;4. Use a floor planner to plan out your house!5. Good, old-fashioned pen, paper, markers!6. ... or get even more creative! Use dough and recyclables to make a 3D map and have fun!Here is a Floor Planner example:Source: https://www.bostonmagazine.com/property/2013/06/04/zeroenergy-design-sustainable-house/Source: https://energy.concord.org/energy3d/

Develop in 1, 2, 3 steps!

Continue with the development of your renewable resource plan for a house. Make a video using your sketch/model + text OR audio + text with pictures. Present the project in a video or in audio and practice speaking skills. Upload it as a separate post in the project designated folder in your online classroom.Draw with any online tool you select, draw by hand, or create a 3D model with dough and recyclables. The sketch needs to have a textual explanation, and the specific parts/machines of the renewable energy resource need to be marked in the house.


Most of the information I mentioned in the homework section is listed in the INFO section on the previous page.Go back and explore the page again!

Homework time!