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Banská Bystrica

Banská Bystrica is the metropolis of central Slovakia and the fifth largest city of whole country.

SNP memorial is one of the most important buildings in Slovakia. Its role is to commemorate the II. World War period and the Slovak National Uprising. The building of this memorial was finished in 1969 by Dušan Kozma.


Urpín is a real pride of Banská Bystrica . Probably everyone who lives in Banská Bystrica has visited it. It is a place to relax with family or friends. On the eastern side of the hill is the Banská Bystrica Calvary from the 17th century.The river Hron flows through the Urpin slope, which is also a part of Banská Bystrica


Banská Bystrica is the birthplace of many successful people, such as hockey players like Richard Zedník, Vlado Országh and Michal Handzuš or actors like Ján Koleník and Dušan Cinkota and many others.


Is Banská Bystrica the fourth largest city of Slovakia?

In which year was SNP memorial built?

Which river flows under Urpín?

Name at least two famous people whose birthplace is Banská Bystrica.